A Brief Introduction to Bodhi Methodology


Meditation of Greater Illumination

The Meditation of Greater Illumination (GI) is a gem created by the founder of Bodhi Meditation, Grandmaster JinBodhi, through more than 10 years of cultivation and enlightenment. It is easy to learn and its effects are obvious, making it suitable for the busy people of today.

Practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination is a way of quickly replenishing one’s energy and regaining vitality while strengthening one’s immunity, thus promoting health. As such, it purifies the mind and body, tames all troubling thoughts and calms the mind. It instills rational thoughts and inspires the spiritual mind, guiding the practitioner to realize his true nature. It brings clarity to the mind, enabling one to discover their innate nature and wisdom.


Medicine Buddha’s Meditation of Greater Illumination

The Medicine Buddha’s Meditation of Greater Illumination is the essence of enlightened Grandmaster JinBodhi’s self-cultivation. It is a superb technique, facilitating oneness with the Medicine Buddha’s compassionate willpower and energy. Practitioners will experience improved health and and fortune, enjoy longevity through an illuminated body and mind, perfect their life journey, help others, and attain enlightenment.



Prostration is a gentle aerobic exercise. Externally, it trains your muscles; internally, it improves the functions of internal organs and the meridian energy channels, promotes circulation, improves immunity, enhances cardiovascular functions, and building defense against allergies. Prostration is a trump card for a healthy life, as well as an exercise adopted by people to prevent obesity and facilitate weight loss.

Practice of prostration with a sincere heart brings connection with the compassionate energy of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, thus resolving obstacles, improving wisdom, purifying the body and mind and attaining a pure, calm and compassionate disposition.


Energy Bagua

Energy Bagua is a special method of meditation created by enlightened Grandmaster JinBodhi, a culmination of his years of cultivation. It is a method of maintaining good health that balances yin and yang energy while facilitating interaction with Universal energy, regenerating vitality and improving health.

Energy Bagua is the new approach to improving overall appearance—especially for those who have a cold constitution. It is also known to improve memory and limbs flexibility, and much more.


The Meditation of Immeasurable Sincerity: The Medicine Buddha’s Heart Mantra

喋雅他 嗡 貝堪則 貝堪則 瑪哈 貝堪則 喇雜 薩目嘎喋 梭哈

Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha

Sincere chanting with one voice has immeasurably positive effects, as taught by Grandmaster JinBodhi. Practicing this technique is a quick way to connect with the Medicine Buddha and be purified in mind and body, thus achieving auspiciousness, contentment and freedom.


The Meditation of Purity

The Meditation of Purity is the static counterpart to The Meditation of Greater Illumination, it allows practitioners to quickly immerse themselves in a meditative state of peace. Under the guidance and blessings of Grandmaster JinBodhi, one can naturally enter into a state of purity, rapidly clearing up overwhelming and confusing thoughts. Those with a troubled heart can regain a sense of stability, and be one with Heaven and Earth. As such, this technique can eliminate fatigue, drive away illnesses and strengthen the body, as well as subdue feelings of frustration. It is a way to improve concentration and bask in a state of illumination. It is a path toward unleashing our inner potential and sparking unlimited wisdom.