Be Part of Bodhi Meditation Taiwan Youth Elite Association

Stimulate Your Potential and Teamwork Aptitude through Bodhi Meditation Taiwan Youth Elite Association(TYEA)

In 2014, The Bodhi Meditation Taiwan Youth Elite Association (TYEA) was set up. This is a stage where the future youth leaders are shaped, setting them into a charismatic journey!

TYEA, where youth jump-start their fast track to a meaningful life:
They discover fun here;
Explore their innate wisdom;
Inspire their potential;
Cultivate courage and grow confidence;
Learn through teamwork;
Establish the concept of love;
Brace for the future ups and downs of life with gratitude;
Share all the good blessings in life;
Be ready to harvest a life full of happiness and good fortune;
TYEA, open your world and fulfill your dreams!

Come and experience how meditation can bring about charisma in your youth!