Blessing In The Sunshine

  • How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

    Many people who have studied with me go on to teach dharma. However, at the initial phase, they tend to suffer stage fright. They’ve asked me:  “Master, I’m really afraid of public speaking. Please tell me how to overcome my fear”. One disciple suggested that a teacher should behave as if they are a king and their students are their subjects.

    Audience Members are My Family

    I told him that his idea represented only his own point of view. “Isn’t that what you think?” he replied. No, it’s not. Audience members are my family. They are my father, mother, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. They’re ill and in pain, so how can I not help?

    All Sentient Beings are My Buddhas

    “To dedicate my body, speech and mind to Buddha.” Now let me tell you. I’ve dedicated body, speech and mind to Buddha. But I’ve realized that all sentient beings are my Buddhas. And I would like to dedicate my body, speech and mind to all who share an affinity with us.

    I Wish for Peace on Earth

    Each morning as I see the sun rise in the East, I wish for peace on Earth. I’m not trying to write a poem here; I truly wish this in my heart. I wish that wherever the sun shines, life will be peaceful and beautiful. There is no pain, no hunger, no war, and no deceiving.

    I Wish the Best for Everything in Existence

    Let sunshine brighten everyone’s life and bring them happiness. Free of illness, people will smile. Free of pain, they’ll live in comfort and joy. They will be free of fear. Every morning as I practice, as I welcome the sun, when it’s slowly rising, this compassionate wish rises from the bottom of my heart with the brilliant sunshine. Besides wishing for peace on Earth, I wish the best for everything in existence: the mountains, rivers, trees and grass, all plants and insects.

    Be Connected Like Strands of Silk: Face Every Day of Your Life with Courage and Power.

    We should merge this true compassion with our hearts and soul, with everything in this world.  A person who can do this is truly compassionate. Every day I give my best wishes to everyone. Every day, for anyone who is learning Buddhadharma with me, who enjoys learning meditation with me, I wish that our hearts be connected like strands of silk. We have that communication channel open, just like strands of silk, so that I will send you my joy, my energy, and my best wishes. So that you can all receive this energy. So that you can all face every day of your life with courage and power.