Bodhi Meditation Malaysia Discipleship Ceremony

October 13, 2019, which equates to September 15th in the Lunar Calendar, was a glorious day. More than 1,000 people from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and Romania gathered to officially become Grandmaster JinBodhi’s disciples. Every one of them stepped into new lives of auspiciousness, compassion, wisdom, and confidence.

Some had waited two years, others had waited 10, and still others had waited more than 20 years to form this treasured relationship with Grandmaster JinBodhi. They voyaged through seas and journeyed across continents to meet Master, receive his dharma, and be illuminated by his guidance. Through their connection with Master, these disciples are spreading positivity, compassion and love around the world, allowing more people to break free of pain and suffering as well as acquire the key to joy and happiness.

Being given the chance to meet Master and acquire positive dharma from him are gifts that do not come easily. These treasures are the results of good deeds and virtues accumulated over myriad lifetimes.

For many people at the discipleship ceremony, emotions bubbled over. Their tears conveyed their boundless gratitude toward Grandmaster JinBodhi, and the immense joy of being a Buddhist disciple.

After the solemn sacredness of the ceremony, disciples were eager to share their joy, excitement and gratitude. 

Disciples shared their experiences:

Fang-ji (Fung Jia Hao): “I am overjoyed that I have become a disciple. It was only after the discipleship ceremony that I came to feel as if I am officially a part of Bodhi Meditation. Furthermore, I am grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi for giving me a clearer path toward my goals.”

Wan-bai (Low Fei Fuen): “After becoming a disciple, I feel more compassionate. I hope I will be able to help people in need.”

Bai-chang (Nickie): “I am a beneficiary of the JinBodhi Education Subsidy. Master is very compassionate. I want to be guided by his wisdom. I am excited and happy about becoming a disciple. I want to spread Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion to as many people as possible.”

Fang-chu (Diana): “My dharma name is Fang-chu, which implies ‘remembering our initial aspiration.’ Becoming Master’s disciple has given my life a new start.

I want to learn from Master’s dharma and help people. I believe that a heart of great compassion can overcome any obstacle. Now that I am a disciple, I will be more disciplined. I am committed to choosing the righteous path and doing good deeds.”

Fang-xi and family: “Being able to follow in Master’s footsteps by self-cultivating has brought tremendous benefits to our family. Today, we have all become his disciples.”

Fang-lan (Guna): “I want to thank Master for allowing me to become healthier. I will continue following in Master’s footsteps by self-cultivating. I believe that through being a disciple, I will acquire Master’s protection and blessing.”

Fang-ken (Federico): “The discipleship ceremony marks a very important milestone. Today, I obtained my dharma name, which was bestowed upon me by Buddha. My dharma name will guide me toward a bright future. I’ve benefited from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma teachings and I hope to continue learning.”

Fang-hong (Carina): “Obtaining my dharma name was a new beginning for me. I hope to follow in Grandmaster JinBodhi’s footsteps and share his dharma with many people.”

Fang-liao, Fang-nian: “For us, obtaining our dharma names was a rebirth. We hope to follow in Grandmaster JinBodhi’s footsteps and learn from him.”

Fang-hao: “I was drawn to Buddhadharma from a young age because it allowed me to learn about compassion and tolerance. Now, I have the chance to learn about Bodhi Meditation. I will gradually become more compassionate, joyful and capable of helping a multitude of people.”

Juan-mou and family: “We have become Grandmaster JinBodhi’s disciples. Thank you, Master!”

Lin-hu: “Grandmaster JinBodhi’s dharma has taught me a lot. I’ve learned how to be compassionate. My life used to be a frustrating rollercoaster. During the difficult times, I could only lament to Buddha. After the discipleship ceremony, I noticed I could communicate with Master more quickly. I was able to overcome numerous obstacles in a short time. This strengthened my confidence in dharma. Master, I will follow in your footsteps throughout this lifetime.”

Fang-bao: “Words cannot describe the profound place Master has in my heart. It’s truly amazing that I am able to become a disciple.”

Shou-jiang: “Becoming a disciple is my life’s turning point.”

Bai-neng: “I am very happy because I like Master a lot. He is very powerful. I want to follow him.”

Fellow practitioners from Indonesia: “We are overjoyed and full of gratitude at becoming Grandmaster JinBodhi’s disciples. We want to be as compassionate as Master. We want to help people everywhere.”

You-wan: “Being able to meet Master shone a great ray of happiness into my life. I want to live by Master’s vision and choose the path of compassion.”

Quan-guan: “I am very happy about meeting my most respected Grandmaster JinBodhi. After waiting for two years, I have finally become a disciple. I want to learn from Master’s compassion. Master’s vision is my vision.”

Huai-ju: “I wish to attain spiritual elevation. People often lack wisdom. Reading only provides us with theoretical knowledge. Being well-read doesn’t automatically mean we know how to get along with others. I believe following in Master’s footsteps will elevate my spiritual realm and wisdom.”

Wen-guan: “When the teacher was explaining the meaning of discipleship, she highlighted that the Chinese term Shi-fu (Master) means teacher and father. At that moment, it was as if I saw Master stretching his arms wide open and saying, ‘Come home, my child. Fear not, I am here for you.’

I have benefited from Master’s dharma. I want to learn more from Master’s dharma teachings so that I can continue to improve myself.”

Ai-di: “Master is like my spiritual shelter. Since meeting Master, my life has completely changed. Now that I am a disciple, no obstacles can conquer me because Master is with me. I pray to Master whenever I encounter obstacles as doing so makes me feel calm and secure. I am no longer confused by life. I have found my life’s mission, and a sense of tranquil stability.”