Extracts From Bodhi Web Forum


Our forum and mailbox regularly receive questions. These questions are all multifaceted. My answers merely represent my own opinion, not that of the Buddha. I hope you’ll find my advice useful.


What sort of benefits can wearing various accessories such as jade, gold, silver or coral prayer beads, and sandalwood or Chinese eaglewood accessories, bring about with regard to health, daily living, work, fortune and spiritual practice?


Grandmaster JinBodhi:

I prefer natural gems, such as jade, precious stones and Agarwood accessories. I think wearing natural gems is normally good for the body. Be it precious stones, gold and silver, or plants, these natural treasures have absorbed the quintessence of sky and earth, day and night, so they possess natural energy.

The energy in jade is believed to be good for cultivating purity, refreshing the mind and body and maintaining peace,  which is why many people, especially Asians, love jade. I believe that appropriate accessorizing can benefit the wearer.

Women’s jewelry is largely made with gold and silver. Copper or iron are sometimes plated with silver or a thin layer of gold. Allergy reactions may results if fake gold is used. Accessories made entirely or mostly gold are well accepted by the body. I believe the stability of gold metal can bring about balance and tranquillity of the mind and soul. Many people wear gold jewelry not for fashion, but rather they simply have a wish to wear a gold ring or necklace, a little bracelet and so on; a strong wish sometimes stems from the body’s needs.

Gold  is a very stable metal, and it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Hence, it is used to make sound receivers and transmitting devices. Silver also has similar properties, but its usefulness is weaker compared to gold. I personally would favour gold over platinum. I really feel that gold is indeed beneficial to our body.

There are also materials that are even more valuable and rare, such as agarwood (Chinese eaglewood). I’m currently wearing  agarwood on my wrist; it emits an excellent fragrance. Good quality agarwood tends to have a sweet, natural aromatic fragrance.  It is good and traditionally used as a tranquilizer, disinfectant and antidote to overcome negative energy.

Negative energy can be classified into two types. Firstly, Traditional Chinese Medicine states that negative energy carries pathogens. The scent emitted from agarwood may help to fend off some air-borne diseases.

The second type of negative energy is of a spiritual nature. Religious people and leaders from all over the world and across several religions, like to wear natural scented wood like agarwood and sandalwood in their cultivation practice to ward  off the negative energy and enhance mental clarity to achieve a pure spirit and mind. Burning these as spiritual offerings is an expression of sincerity and respect.


I will be 24 years old this year and am currently single. I’d like to ask you how I may find the right partner. The women around me are not single, and I don’t have opportunities to find love. I hope that you can offer me some advice.

Grandmaster JinBodhi:

This young man is only 24 years old and is anxious of being single. The current trend is to marry late so even marrying at 37 or 38 years old is not considered especially late nowadays. The women in his social circle are all married, so how will he be able to find a girlfriend? He will have to look yonder for opportunities especially in places where one will likely encounter available single women. He needs to create his own opportunities. We may say not to value outer appearances too much, but that is not realistically possible; appearance plays a great role in determining how a person feels about something. Appearance is important, as it is reflective of health.

Next, improve on your capability. Capability is attractiveness. Our outward appearance is difficult to change since it is inborn.However, even if your appearance is less than gorgeous, as long as you are relatively capable you will eventually earn respect and good treatment. Capability gives rise to attractiveness, which in turn gives rise to popularity.

Therefore,no matter what your appearance, I hope that our young friends will attain some level of capability. That is to say, I hope everyone has a basic skill set and knowledge. Everyone is inspired to be a learned person.True elegance is found in the beauty of knowledge.

Wealth, the last of the three commonly cited prerequisites. I feel that if one has a certain skill, they would be able to maintain their family and livelihood. Those who wish to create fortune should have a higher level of capability, talent and knowledge. Today, we are living in a world of Internet and information. Anyone can access an entire world of knowledge from a variety of sources.

Hence, I will like our young friends to acquire wide knowledge base and also develop your expertise in a specific area. You need specialized knowledge to enhance your abilities. Wealth is a result of converting knowledge to practical use and innovation.

Lastly, I hope everyone will give themselves more time and opportunity to meet the opposite gender and also to understand each other better before committing to a relationship. The suggestions I gave to our male friends earlier also apply to the females friends.