If there is no past life, if there is no next life, if there is only one life, why would I live for nothing? I want to live well; I want to live wonderfully; I want to achieve the most in life.
Be broad-minded. A general should die on a battlefield. And so should a hero. Heroes have splendid lives. This is the difference between heroes and ordinary people, between a hero and a small potato. Illnesses Arise From Anger and Unhappiness A small potato is not a bad person, but rather they are narrow-minded and short-sighted. Many illnesses arise from anger and unhappiness, including mental i…
It is easy to support oneself and one’s parents. Sure, I may not sound humble when I talk about myself; nevertheless, if I want to earn money to buy a house for my parents, I believe it is not hard at all.
Many sufferings and illnesses are rooted in our mental state. Mind creates desires and thoughts; mind creates reality. All of our sufferings and joy are created by our mind, i.e., our mental state.
I once had a chat with a young fellow practitioner, smart and with a good degree, who was volunteering at this meditation center. I asked him, “Are you happy working here?” He replied, “It’s not bad,” but tears streamed down his face.
Without experiencing all of the 81 calamities endured by Tang Xuanzang of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West — even if you miss only one of them — you won’t be perfect. To deal with calamities, one should not resist but accept.
Sincerity is single-mindedness; it means the one and only way. Your master’s teaching may be unclear to you at times; that’s all right. I haven’t grasped Buddhahood entirely myself, but I believe Buddha is compassionate, so I just follow along. That will do.
Many victories in business, life, creativity, or wars are won through time. Aren’t many wars or battles prepared for ahead of time in order that victory may be reaped? You may not think this way. You may not think life is like fighting a war.
This is a wonderful dharma teaching by Grandmaster JinBodhi given at a retreat at Busan Bodhi Meditation Center, South Korea. “To spread Buddhadharma and compassion is the mission of my life. I will use all kinds of methods that are full of wonders to accomplish it.”
This is not an ordinary dharma teaching. It is the manifestation of a great compassionate vow and a supreme empowerment. On March 3, 2012, at Busan Bodhi Meditation Center in South Korea, a great compassionate blessing ceremony was held.