Meditation & Health

Autumn 2013 Vol.3 No.4

View The World With Loving-Kindness

Bone Wellness For Life

The Power Of Sound To Heal Body And Mind

Transforming Lives With Positive Language

Summer 2013 Vol.3 No.3

Compassionate Tolerance

Heart Attack And Stroke

Burma: A Land That Sacred Sites Call Home

Reflections On The Interconnectedness Of The Universe

Spring 2013 Vol.3 No.2

Follow Your Dreams

Have You Meditated Today, Darling?

Three Ways To Keep Heart And Vascular Diseases At Bay

Water Knows The Message, Do You?

Winter 2013 Vol.3 No.1

The Zen State Of Mind

Bringing The Vitality Of The Ancients Into Contemporary Life

Spotted Lake: A Sacred Osis In The Desert

UFO: The Search For Oneness

Summer / Autumn 2012 Vol.2 No.2

Listen To The World With Love

Weight Loss Wisdom: The Body Knows Best

Transform Yourself In Minutes A Day

Reflections On The Dawning Of A New Spiritual Age

Spring 2012 Vol.2 No.1

The Power Of Compassion

Bodhi Around The World

Many Stories, One Voice

Balanced Mind, Slim Body

Spring 2011 Vol.1 No.1

My Journey Of Buddhist Practice

Discovering The Source Of Infinite Positive Energy

Healing The Wounds Of War

You Asked, We Answered