Testimonials on Video

Liang Wu is from Taiwan. Let’s listen to his story on how he was inspired by Grandmaster JinBodhi and changed to become more positive and confident in life.
De-chi was faced with obstacles and under work pressure. His wife, Dian-xu made a lamp offering for him at Bodhi Meditation center. Soon after, his career went smoothly. Besides his gratitude to Grandmaster JinBodhi, De-chi is also grateful to his wife for all her support to him during the difficult times.”
In Bodhi Meditation, light offering is one of the three auspicious Bodhi treasures. Many people who have offered light before Buddha not only had their wishes granted, but witnessed numerous miracles.
Dolar came to Bodhi Meditation to seek relief for her insomnia. Within two weeks, her itches due to medication went down by about 50%. And within three weeks, about 90 to 95% was gone. Not only has her insomnia improved greatly, Dolar has also gained further insight into her spiritual development.
Sima suffered from poor health as a child. When she was diagnosed with thyroid disorders, she felt utterly collapsed. Another big blow greeted her when her mother passed away…
The benefits of prostration made Yan-xu a firm believer of Bodhi Meditation. He lost weight and felt more calm and relaxed. What’s more? He learned to give love unconditionally.
For Xiuhong, meditation is like rain after a long drought. The rain watered the dry field of her heart. Since meditating, she has learnt to let go of stress and worry, and now enjoys the peace and joy of life. Bodhi Meditation opened a journey of hope for her when the stress at work was like a huge mountain crushing her; making her unable to sleep which compounded her suffering.
Due to stress from work and family, Pingping started to have heart problems and had difficulties in breathing. Whenever she lost her temper, her heart would ache. The doctor told her that the pain was related to her stress. A 8-Day Retreat at Bodhi Meditation changed her and brings happiness back into her life.
Baotong’s daughter was blessed with another pregnancy. However during her third month of pregnancy, there were signs of bleeding. The doctor said there was a blood clot caused by placental abruption. Baotong made lamp offerings before the Buddha frequently and prayed for Master’s blessings. During the third trimester, a miracle happened. The delivery process went smoothly and the baby was h…
Two years ago, Baozhu had serious skin reaction issue. It started with ringworm then rashes appeared all over her body. Beside that, she also had headache, sore knees and insomnia for decades. Since Baozhu practice Bodhi Meditation, she experience bliss in her life.