Testimonials on Video

Four good friends attended a 8-Day Bodhi Meditation Health and Happiness retreat in May 2014. They found their health and their lives blossomed like a flower. Let’s listen to their meditation stories.
Jingyu is an ordinary, elderly gentleman who lives in the beautiful country of Malaysia. However, his insomnia kept him awake. Fortunately, it was improved after a short 2-Day Bodhi Meditation retreat. He went on to register for the 8-Day retreat and was surprised by the changes that happened in his life afterwards. He often says, “Meditation has let me walk into my own fairy tale, just like in “…
After practicing at Bodhi Meditation, Song-guan received positive feedback from her family, relatives and friends that her temper had softened a lot. Songguan used to be a stubborn and easily irritable mother, causing her relationships with her children to be tensed and strained. Now, her calmness and gentleness has bring happiness to her children and all around her.
Song-su has been taking prescription drugs for migraines every evening. If she skipped the medicine for one night, her headache would worsen the next day. On her first day at Bodhi Meditation retreat, she felt totally relaxed and the previous day pressure was lifted. After the 8-Day retreat, her migraines was reduced and her health improved.
Song-jue’s hectic work life in a bank made her feel tremendously pressured and stressed. She felt lost and started to search for the meaning of life. Since she started with Bodhi Meditation, Song-jue felt more peaceful and started to view and accept every situation with gratitude. She realizes true happiness comes from serving and spreading love to others.
Ruoyun’s heart was like a dried up field and Bodhi Meditation was the spring water, flowing into the field, bringing it to life. Ruoyun is a cheerful, confident and vibrant woman now. For years, her life was filled with agony and troubles when she was suffering from intense dizziness, which took a toll on her family life.
Jeffery, a maintenance engineer, has been looking for a suitable health practice for his abdominal pain and psychological issues. He attended Bodhi Meditation retreat and coupled with his unwavering faith, it has helped him overcome physical, emotional and cognitive barriers.
After attending Bodhi Meditation retreat and following 2 months of home practice, Madelyn’s quality of sleep improved and her monthly cycle has become more regular.
Jasmine’s 4 years of rheumatoid arthritis medication had caused stomach ailments and exhaustion. After practicing Bodhi Meditation, her arthritis and stomach have improved, and her complexion healthier.
In 2006, Chen Qi picked up a copy of Bodhi’s Meditation & Health magazine. An article on the ancient practice of meditation caught her attention. She signed up for Bodhi Meditation retreat out of curiosity until something amazing happened on the third day – she was able to hear with her right ear again.