Testimonials on Video

Zhirong is a surgeon. She has suffered from xerostomia and nerve pain in her legs for many years. She also struggled with mammary gland hyperplasia. After practicing Bodhi Meditation, the results were very positive, even her eye-sight has improved.
A car accident 18 years ago left Lijuan with pain in her head, problems at the neck and shoulder areas. On the seventh day at Bodhi Meditation retreat, these pain reduced. Amazingly, she can even sit in lotus position.
Michelle remained weak after her post-pregnancy and ten years later, her health was still poor. In addition, she suffered from insomnia, back pain and swollen legs. Thanks to her husband who picked up a copy of Bodhi’s Meditation and Health magazine, her life has since improved tremendously through attending the retreat.
Teila’s years of suffering from headaches, angina and various other health disorders were reduced after attending the Bodhi Meditation retreat. She felt vibrant, like a new person, full of life.
Tasha’s life was affected because of problems with her spine; causing her years of back and neck pain. The intensity led to insomnia, loss of concentration and nervous breakdown. Listen to how Bodhi Meditation helps her improve her health.
Aida works as an office file clerk which requires her to use the computer daily. This caused her eye-condition, xeroma to worsen. Visits to eye specialist did not help. She also battled other issues such as digestive disorder and insomnia. But after practicing Bodhi Meditation for a week at the retreat, she felt mentally and physically better.
Leeza suffered from lower back and leg problems, as well as work-related pain. These challenges negatively affected both Leeza and her family relationship. Listen to how Bodhi Meditation brings her relief.
Years of insomnia and digestive disorder wore Sheena down. These conditions plagued her until she discovered Bodhi Meditation.
Sasha was diagnosed with a lumbar disk protrusion. The pressure on the nerves affected her circulation and lower limbs. After practicing Bodhi Meditation, she was able to move her neck more freely and hardly require the neck support. She is grateful to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teaching.
Xiaoling was a senior financial bank consultant. Unfortunately, she has several health problems – she couldn’t breathe properly, her chest felt blocked, face was numb, her head hurt, lower legs were cold. Doctors couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong with her. A copy of Grandmaster JinBodhi’s book – Buddhist Robes, turned her life around.