Testimonials on Video

Jade works under tremendous stress, causing her health to suffer. She became a hospital regular. Her wish to have a child came true but unfortunately, she was diagnosed with total placenta previa, further worrying the mother. Let’s listen to her story on how Bodhi Meditation helped her improve her health which helped her to have an easy, complication-free delivery.
Teng Wei has been plagued with severe asthma for over a decade, until he enrolled in Bodhi Meditation Health and Happiness retreat in year 2006. Let’s listen to his meditation’s story.
For years, Lily drifted through life in illness caused by her prolonged sleep deprivation and stress. Her health started to deteriorate. A common cold took almost 3 months to recover, leaving her with little energy on the job. Sometime after that, she was diagnosed with uterine fibromyoma. Just when breakdown was imminent, she received a call from her friend ….
During a Bodhi Meditation retreat, Grandmaster JinBodhi did an energy healing session for Jane’s back pain which had tormented her for more than 10 years. Subsequently, through experiencing Spontaneous Fasting and constant practice of Meditation of Greater Illumination, her other health concerns have also started to fade.
In 2004, Shuyan underwent surgery and chemotherapy for breast cancer. The treatments resulted in unbearable joint pain and she was near physical breakdown. After a period of practicing Bodhi Meditation, her health improved.
Jingyun suffered from migraines for over two decades. It did not get better but the intensity worsened with the passage of time. Seeking relief, she began Bodhi Meditation in 2006. Share her joy as we watch her health progress with meditation.