“My wish is to help all sentient beings, and I hope that my good intentions will be like a little spark that ignites the fire of compassion within your heart.”

──Grandmaster JinBodhi

Those who donate to a good cause are often the most fortunate; those who help others are often the happiest.

A single thought of compassion could bring boundless warmth and joy to others.

The simplest of actions could help others finally emerge from pain and suffering.

Let our compassion transform into charitable actions that spread loving-kindness to every corner of the world.

I’m very thankful for your support and donations to the Bodhi mission. We assure you that every thoughtful contribution will be used meaningfully and with discretion, in order to bring health and happiness to many more people. Through your spirit of giving, you’ve sown the seeds of happiness and fortune for your loved ones, including your ancestors and descendants.

Your contributions can be in the form of a check or cashier’s order made payable to any of the established Bodhi Meditation Centers* around the world, or contact the staff at your local Bodhi Meditation Center to arrange for a donation. Keep spreading the loving-kindness.

 *Note: To ensure your donation is received by Bodhi Meditation, please refer to the list of established centers on the “CONTACT US” page.