Registration Guideline



1. Bodhi Meditation is for everyone. However, we are not equipped to admit individuals with the following circumstances:

(1) Infectious disease

(2) Mental illness or history of mental illness

(3) Mania

(4) Dementia

(5) Severe heart disease

(6) Epilepsy

(7) Inability to care for own basic needs (e.g. physically challenged students should be accompanied)

(8) Other severe diseases

2. Every person is entitled to freedom of religion, and meditation is not restricted to any one faith or race. It transcends philosophy, natural science and religious activities. We welcome anyone from any religion with open arms; our greatest wish is to see you living well.

3. The majority of our classes are free of charge. However, there may occasionally be fees charged to cover the expenses based on venue used and the duration of the courses. If you are facing any financial hardship, kindly contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you.

4. For comfort, students are required to fulfill certain requirements on attire. Specially designed outfits for meditation are available for purchase at the center.

5. During class, the meditation hall may get very cold. For their own comfort, students are encouraged to bring shawls, jackets and socks.

6. To protect the environment and reduce unnecessary wastage, students are encouraged to bring their own eating utensils, cups and containers.

7. The center has lockers available for students to store their belongings, but valuables should be kept on one’s person at all times.

Take note:

Meditation centers in certain regions may be subject to local legal regulations and follow certain customs. Thus, the requirements listed above may vary from center to center. Please inquire at your local Bodhi Meditation Center for more specific information.

Bodhi Meditation reserves the right to refuse applications from students under special circumstances.