Drive Comes From Dreams

  • Do Not Belittle an Ideal or Dream:

    Even if a dream has an element of self-deception, it can motivate us to move forward happily and bravely. The Buddha once led his disciples to believe that a big city was before them. The city, he said, was filled with beautiful women and everything was free for the taking. This method of motivation may have been somewhat coarse, but the Buddha used it to spur his disciples onward. Can you use the same method on yourself? Yes, you can.

    Hold on to Your Dreams and Bravely Move Ahead

    If you are not brave enough, pretend that you are brave and move beyond all obstacles. However cowardly you are, however difficult your circumstances, you must forge ahead. If you cannot even imagine taking action, you will be a true failure and become miserable. That is why I say that my life is in my dreams.

    My Dreams Are My Life: Whatever I Dream, I Dare to Achieve

    If I am having trouble conjuring a dream, I tap into my imagination. The process of imagination is known as “bringing the formless to form.” This is my life. One must dare to imagine the most beautiful future, no matter what your present condition. Whether you are presently feeling good or miserable or frightened, or if your life is coming to an end and you only have 10 days left to live, make sure you do not lose sight of your dream. Imagine the most beautiful scenes.

    You Must Act to Create It

    Each day you live, live your dream. If you do, you’ll be happy. When your heart is full of infinite dreams, you yourself are the hope. Sometimes, your hope can conquer all difficulties; it can defeat all illnesses and overcome all obstacles in life. This strength comes from your heart, where powerful faith resides.

    Faith is the infinite drive. It drives us forward. The infinite drive comes from dreams. Those who dare to dream and act on their dreams are the most fortunate.