How to Have a Good Personal Chinese Zodiac Year

  • Are you afraid of your personal Chinese zodiac year? Your “birth year” is typically described as “astrologically offensive,” “unsuccessful” and “bumpy.” Traditional folklore calls it your “obstacle year,” indicating that it is rife with potential hurdles. Don’t panic when you or a loved one is faced with getting through the personal Chinese zodiac year. This short video teaches you how to navigate it well.

    The current year’s Chinese zodiac affects our luck. If your career is declining or up and down in your zodiac year, be careful.

    How to Have a Good Personal Chinese Zodiac Year

    For astrological reasons, it is common that in our Chinese zodiac year, some issues will arise. Every 12 years, we experience our personal Chinese zodiac year. Keep kindness in your heart. Firstly, in your Chinese zodiac year, when issues arise, be careful about making big decisions. Don’t be greedy. In conflicts, allow compassion to rule and watch your mouth.

    Secondly, you may make 6-day or 8-day light-offerings. You may offer lights for yourself or on behalf of your loved ones. Definitely tell the candle-lighter your name and they will pay attention to your light. Every night, we put out all the candles for safety’s sake. We light them again the next morning. When your candle doesn’t light up or puts itself out, no matter if it is due to the candle wax, the wind, etc., you may wonder why yours goes out quickly but not others’. Sometimes, the glass candle jar even breaks.

    Usually, the candle-lighter notes the names of those offerers and advises them to aspire more, do prostrations, repent, and make more light-offerings. It is not about making more money for our centers. You can make offerings at any other truly compassionate practice venue. During your Chinese zodiac year, make light-offerings. Sometimes, I may sense something and ask you to offer lights or do good deeds. There is a reason I give such advice. So, do as I say.

    The zodiac cycle really affects our luck. In your Chinese zodiac year, when your career is declining or up and down, be careful. Your luck might be so bad that nothing goes your way. You may suffer romantically, lose on investments, and even suffer health-wise via illness or car accidents. All these are possible. As such, you need Divine help to boost your energy and luck.

    I think a whole year’s blessing is worth a little money. As a result of the blessing, you get a good year.