I Am a General


When I was 15 or 16 years old, I felt that my life was dull and was despondent that I had never achieved anything glorious.

One day I expressed these feelings to my mother, “Mum, I have never done anything brilliant.”

My mother deliberated for a moment and started laughing. With mirth, she told me, “When you were young, you had a moment of glory.”

“Really? When was that? I don’t remember accomplishing anything splendid.” I asked sceptically.

“This happened when you first started schooling. One day, you ran home excitedly, announcing with pride, ‘Mum, today I became a general!’.”

“I was baffled and couldn’t help asking, ‘You are just a kid. How did you become a general?’ You replied animatedly, ‘It’s because when we were queuing up today, I was first in line!’.” My mother recounted the story with much laughter.

So, that was simply about queuing in line. Just because I was first in line, I felt that I was the leader – a general. I was so elated over it that I ate four bowls of rice instead of my usual two. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

Be it victory, success, failure or defeat, these circumstances are all determined by our mentality. Knowing this, greet every day with a joyous, victorious heart and constantly affirm yourself with positivity. Just by having this mentality and attitude, you immediately become stronger.

With this positive outlook and approach, your life will change for the better. You will be different.

You will be outstanding.