I Want To Change The World

Petaling Jaya Bodhi Meditation Center in Malaysia held a Mind Leap course in June 2015, themed “I want to change the world to create the future”.


On 7 June 2015, the Petaling Jaya Bodhi Meditation Youth Elite Association organised a 7-day Mind Leap programme. A youthful new life energy force is burmyea2015-8sting forth with spectacular significance – I want to change the world to create the future. This was the heartfelt wishes of the young participants of the Malaysia Bodhi Meditation Mind Leap Retreat.

The Meditation of Awakening Wisdom was an important component in every day’s curriculum. It could improve both physical and mental well-being and enhances mindfulness.

Look at how attentive the participants’ were during their meditative practice.

Every morning, the participants recited “JinBodhi Words of Wisdom” without fail before the class commenced. The recitation affirmed their belief in themselves having the confidence and energy to live each day.


On the first day, these youth leaders daringly introduced themselves and their strengths. They hit it off and used their creative imagination to come up with their respective group’s names and banners. Every group’s logo is unique to each and displayed imposing grandeur.

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Various physical activities gave the youths endless joy and also set ample ground for the eagerly awaited outing.


Outdoor activities gave everyone the opportunity to display their talents to the fullest. Basking in nature’s splendor and challenging themselves in the different soul-stirring activities, the youths overcame their fear with their fellow friends’ encouragement. Despite Malaysia’s humid and hot weather, the youths’ enthusiasm was not diminished and they practiced meditation outdoor.


No matter how tall is the target and how challenging it is to scale the steep walls, we will never give up till we have reached the target.



Back at the camp, the youths were glowing with enthusiasm. They listened attentively to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s wise sharing “I want to bring about my greatest value in life, I have great compassion and responsibility and the desire to do better. I want to contribute to the society”. Positive energy flowed continuously in the youths. The finale had everyone reciting with strong affirmation that “I want to change the world to create the future, let us put it into action!”

Following Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassionate energy, the young participants gathered strong compassion and responsibility to spread their love by praying for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.


The Mind Leap class ended fruitfully with voices singing in harmony, but it marked a brand new beginning of the youths’ wish “I want to change the world to create the future”.


“The amount of compassionate energy you received is reciprocated by the amount of compassion you have.” — Grandmaster JinBodhi