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Report on Discipleship Ceremony

Yangon JinBodhi Meditation Center, Myanmar

On September 8, 2019, Yangon JinBodhi Meditation Center in Myanmar was filled with an air of solemnity and peace as practitioners sat patiently waiting for their maiden discipleship ceremony to begin. Feeling happy and blessed to be Grandmaster JinBodhi’s disciples, the practitioners awaited this ceremony with great eagerness.

The auspicious ceremony was telecast live on the Facebook page of Grandmaster JinBodhi so that practitioners worldwide could participate in the experience, share the joy, and receive great energy blessings from Master.

Turning Point

If it is one’s fate in this lifetime to meet Grandmaster JinBodhi, happiness will fill one’s present life; even everlasting fortune could follow. The fortune is the accumulation of good deeds and merits from one’s lives over eons; these merits will lead to the path of enlightenment.

That morning, neatly dressed practitioners gathered at the center, waiting with sincere, reverent hearts for the venerated occasion to begin.

The ceremony began at 10 o’clock in the morning with Grandmaster JinBodhi walking into the Medicine Buddha Meditation Hall. After paying respect and placing the incense sticks, Master led the crowd to prostrate to Buddha.

Master resumed his seat on the stage and the assembly offered their utmost respect to him. With heartfelt gratitude, they appealed for Buddha and bodhisattvas, Divinity, heavenly dragons from Eight Directions, and Vajra Dharma Protectors to witness the consecrated event as the discipleship vows were being read out: 

“Disciple XXX (read out your own name), willingly takes Grandmaster JinBodhi as my master…. I have deep beliefs in the Law of Cause and Effect; all bad must be forbidden, all good must be encouraged…. From today on, I am a blissful, compassionate, wise, confident person….”

With the meditation hall reverberating the vows, these oaths were inscribed in the hearts of all. It was a turning point in the lives of everyone present.

Precepts for Relief of Sufferings

As a disciple of Grandmaster JinBodhi, what are the requirements and the purpose of stipulating those requisites? Grandmaster JinBodhi went on to explain the intention behind the following rules: No killing; no stealing; no sexual misconduct; no lying; no intoxication; no drugs; no gambling; no eating snakes, turtles or dogs.

Master explained that the birth of Buddhism arose from the compassionate aspirations of Sakyamuni Buddha: that sentient beings be liberated from suffering and attain happiness. Buddha reminded us to abstain from those acts to alleviate our suffering. These basic rules prompt us to always act with good intentions, have a loving heart toward sentient beings, control desires, refrain from causing harm, and wish for everyone to have a peaceful and happy life. 

Master went on to expound the responsibilities of every disciple. He said the people of Myanmar are very respectful to Buddha, believe in the Law of Cause and Effect, and are filled with compassion. In addition to having these qualities, disciples’ innate respect for Master is paramount to the absorption of his dharma teachings and essential to lifting one’s wisdom and inspirations.

Dharma Name, New Life

Every disciple obtained a dharma name personally chosen by Grandmaster JinBodhi. He explained that the moment a disciple receives his dharma name, which is a symbol of enlightenment, he will be blessed by Master and the Buddha, and in time to come, will realize and attain enlightenment.

Blessed Gifts

The solemn ceremony deeply touched those watching it live on Facebook. Congratulatory messages to Myanmar disciples were constantly streaming in: “Myanmar is awesome!” and “Congratulations, Myanmar disciples!” and “Disciples in Myanmar are so blessed!”

   At this happy moment, Grandmaster JinBodhi selected viewers of the livestream at random and gifted them with items which included a fan with his personalized handwritten poem, Moonlight Bodhisattva gemstone bracelets, and a dzi-bead necklace of esoteric teachings.

Drops of Purity

Walking down from the stage, Grandmaster JinBodhi gave everyone in attendance the blessing of purity.

Like nectar, every drop of purified water cleansed away all afflictions and hindrances. The immeasurable blessing from Grandmaster JinBodhi is his compassionate love for all disciples and fellow practitioners.

The discipleship ceremony came to an auspicious end with everyone in the hall giving hugs and singing “In Praise of Buddha.”

 It was an unforgettable day, especially for the new disciples of Myanmar. Starting that day, they received Divine direction and their destinies began changing. As they walked forward in this new treasured relationship with Grandmaster JinBodhi, their futures became luminous.