Medicine Buddha’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony 2019

Grandmaster JinBodhi founded Bodhi Meditation in 1991. In 2005, he began teaching dharma in Vancouver, Canada. Bodhi Meditation Centers are currently located in more than 30 countries and regions. These centers share easy-to-learn meditation methods to help people regain their health and happiness.

Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center held the Medicine Buddha’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony on October 26, 2019. Grandmaster JinBodhi personally graced the event, offering blessings and compassionate teachings to a thousand attendees.

At the start of the celebration, there was a testimonial-sharing session. A practitioner was cured of her tinnitus, which had troubled her for over a decade, through attending the Health & Happiness Retreat. She also recovered from arrhythmia and sinus allergies. Another practitioner lost nine kilograms, and her blood pressure and several other key health indicators returned to normal through practicing meditation. Also, after receiving a blessing from Master, her problem with heart palpitations was resolved. These practitioners received rounds of applause; the crowd delighted in their return to health and happiness.

As Grandmaster JinBodhi arrived at the hall, everyone broke into joyous, thunderous applause to welcome him. In accessible language, Master explained Medicine Buddha’s 12 great vows. He also sent out his sincere blessings to all.

On this day, Master exhibited a heaven-sent treasure, a special and rare relic which appeared to him during his meditation practice years ago. Attendees had the opportunity to witness how the relic moved about during Master’s dharma delivery. Everyone was amazed.

Following his dharma talk, Master gave an energy blessing to all who participated in the event. Many of those who had suffered from pain and fatigue were elated as they experienced an immediate relief.

Too soon, it came to the close of the ceremony. Attendees queued to venerate the relic, and to get their blessed goodie bag. It was indeed a day of great auspiciousness, happiness and joy.