Meditation & Health #4 – Insight

Meditation & Health #4 Contents


So 2012 has come and gone, and – despite certain predictions to the contrary – we are still here. But we are not unchanged, as many of us continue to walk a path of awakening consciousness. If the doomsday predictions put forth about the end of the Mayan calendar taught us anything, it’s that fear is a trick of the mind, a faulty way of perceiving the world, and that wherever we perceive destruction, we have the opportunity to awaken.

Thousands of years of Zen thought have emphasized purity of mind, a return to our Original Nature, as the way to transcend emotional limitations and the physical illnesses that such limitations can cause. In this issue of Meditation & Health, we journey back in time to retrieve ancient wisdom from several cultures, bringing forth the rebirth exemplified by the awe-inspiring Phoenicians, the communion with the Earth that is the lifeblood of North America’s Native peoples and the health-giving profundity of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient cultures the world over offer us simple yet transformative wisdom that is easily incorporated into the modern lifestyle. They have gifted us with a higher consciousness that is, whether we know it or not, who we really are. With the help of the Ancients, we are beginning to see ourselves clearly for the first time.

In these pages, multiple Bodhi Meditation practitioners share their dramatic stories of physical and mental equilibrium regained, balance achieved by accessing their original purity through the transcendence of meditative practice. Grandmaster JinBodhi founded Bodhi Meditation in fulfillment of his vow to bring health and happiness to as many people as possible. The door to your local Center is always open – please visit to connect with the Master and his teachings, and experience your Original Nature.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents