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The Living Matrix

A documentary film review by Lan Ma

The Living Matrix discusses the scientific discoveries that provide potential explanations for several alternative medicine methods loosely categorized as “energy medicine.”

At some point in our lives, many of us mere mortals realize the sad truth that we have absolutely no control over the beginning and end, the two most significant moments, of our lives. Nobody consulted us about to whom we wanted to be born, at what point in time and where geographically. After we toil for our entire lives, learning lesson after lesson, trying to enjoy the lives that were basically shoved down our throats, it is all over, again without any consultation or respect for our wishes to cherish and share lives with our loved ones.

But is that really the absolute truth? What if beyond the physical body, we also exist in some other form, a form that permeates the tangible physical form, yet transcends it? A documentary called The Living Matrix brought this possibility convincingly to the forefront of our consciousness.

It cites the following well-documented evidence to hypothesize that a significant part of human existence might very well reside outside of our physical bodies, in a sort of field that might resemble the magnetic field which carries energy and information.

1. Memory: The Living Matrix points out that well-documented experiments conducted several decades ago with mice proved that memories stayed intact while the mice’s brains were progressively removed. The evidence raises the question: If our memories do not reside in our brains, where are they physically located or are they really attached to a specific location in the physical body at all?
2. Out-of-body experience: The documentary cites the by now thoroughly recorded and widely accepted phenomenon of out-of-body experience shared by many patients who technically died but later came back to life. If some part of us can rise out of our bodies and observe what’s happening to our physical forms, then some part of us must be able survive somewhere outside of our physical bodies.
3. Meridians: The system of hundreds of pressure points that has been utilized by Chinese acupuncture since ancient times as a way to heal myriad of ailments has so far eluded any attempt to physically detect its existence by modern science. But millions of patients who have been cured or have benefited from acupuncture attest to the effectiveness of this type of healing method.
4. Genes: The vast majority of human genes are identical and humans share most genes with many other primates. Those facts make it a hard sell that our genes determine what diseases we develop during the course of our lifetimes. The documentary cited research showing that adopted children showed the same propensity to develop “hereditary” diseases as natural-born children, which disproves the gene determination theory of disease. Something outside of our genetic blueprints must also contribute to the malfunctioning of the body.

The Living Matrix focuses on exploring the process of healing, which the Western medical community still has only scant understanding of.

It features a group of biophysicists, cell biologists, bioenergetics researchers and psychologists who have been exploring the frontier of healing through non-traditional therapies. Their work all points to the connection between the patients’ beliefs and emotional conditions, and their healing outcomes. The well-established placebo effect of major drug and therapy studies’ control group was explored extensively throughout as evidence that we possess the capacity to self-heal. But where does that capacity reside?

Bruce Lipton, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Revolution, explores the determining imprint of human mind and beliefs on our life experiences and the quality of the healing process. Featured in the documentary as an authority in the field of energy medicine, he emphasized the power of our minds over our bodies.

Peter Fraser, an academic as well as a practitioner of alternative and Eastern medicine, has pioneered the mapping of the human body-field, which can be viewed as the body’s internal and external aura, the actual quantum electrodynamic field that homeopathic remedies, acupuncture needles and hands-on healers are able to affect; it is the supra-chemical control system of the body, acting as the master control system for all metabolism and growth. Mapping the human body-field represented a breakthrough in the field of healing because it makes it possible to compare patients’ distorted body- fields – the “scrambled information” that indicates illness – to that of the optimal, and then introduce and sustain healing on a level much more profound than the physical.

Other scientists presented in the film cited vast amounts of research pointing to the possibility that somehow human existence extends far beyond the boundary of the physical body and that we are part of an “energy- and information-exchanging field” that not only permeates but also forms the very backbone of the Universe. Through this field, our minds exert their power to connect, to heal and to correct. Through this field and the information and energy that flow and regenerate within it, humans live out another dimension of existence which only sporadically surfaces into consciousness.

The Living Matrix features several patients’ healing stories as empirical evidence of recovery from diseases or conditions through “energy medicine,” diseases that allopathic medicine deemed untreatable.

Dr. Eric Pearl, pioneer of “Reconnective Healing,” worked with a 5-year-old who suffered from cerebral palsy by waving his hands a few inches away from the child’s body. After the very first session, the boy’s feet retained contact with the floor. Before the healing session, he could only walk on tiptoe. Several more sessions brought further remarkable improvements to the point that the boy could open his hands, hug with both of his arms and walk upstairs by himself.

A woman recalled a serious motorcycle accident she had sustained as a teenager, after which she was told there was a possibility that her injured leg might require amputation. She visualized healing energy flowing into her injured leg, believing that doing so would rally her immune system. The idea for trying this came to her spontaneously without any exposure to medical thought: She just knew intuitively that her mind was important to her body. After deliberately maintaining such mental focus for several weeks, she willed the healing of her leg and she still has both of them today.

Former astronaut Edgar Mitchell had an MRI that showed an “irregularity” on one kidney. His doctors wanted to do a biopsy, but he refused. Instead he was treated by an intuitive healer, Adam McLeod. McLeod can look at a photograph of a person and perceive a holographic image of the body, thereby seeing where energy flow is blocked which indicates illness or injury; he then clears these blockages using only his intention to heal. According to follow-up tests six months later, Mitchell’s kidney irregularity had disappeared. The most remarkable aspect of this healing process is the fact that the healer was thousands of miles away from his patient: McLeod was in Vancouver, BC, while his patient remained in Florida.

Although most of the research and testimonials presented in this documentary are currently considered “alternative,” their implication for the interpretation of human existence is formidable. The application of the hypothesis is not limited to the art and science of healing. It reaches to the very core of our existence. Are we really as helpless as the opening paragraph of this article describes? What about the possibility that we are just oblivious regarding the other dimension of our existence, the part where we integrate into the all-encompassing fabric of the Universe?

If you are looking for concrete answers about who we really are, The Living Matrix will disappoint. So would any other attempt to provide such answers. We simply do not know enough. But the pioneers featured in The Living Matrix, through their research and daring exploration, succeed at lifting the corner of the veil that has shrouded the mystery of human existence. Their adventures allow us a precious glimpse of who we really are or, to put it more accurately, who we believe we can be.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents