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Meditation Worldwide

By Shanti

1. Yoga Room at San Francisco Airport (USA Today, Feb 2012)
San Francisco International has opened a new yoga room to allow passengers to relax before their flights. Located just past the security checkpoint in Terminal 2, the 150-square-foot room with mirrored walls is the world’s first airport yoga studio, claimed airport officials. The room is open to all ticketed passengers and contains a few chairs and yoga mats. “Silence is appreciated,” says a sign spelling out “Yoga Room Etiquette.” Stressed-out travelers can now find their inner peace before embarking on their journey.

2. “Curry King” Charan Gill to Host Meditation Event (BBC News, June 2012)
Charan Gill, one of Scotland’s top entrepreneurs hosted an event which aimed to highlight the benefits of meditation. The restaurateur, known as Glasgow’s “Curry King,” fronted “Seeking Silence” at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on June 9th. The event offered an opportunity for people to learn “how to tap into the healing power of their own inner silence” through outlining a range of meditation techniques derived from Raja Yoga. Mr. Gill said meditation had led him to make major changes to his lifestyle to counter “the chaos of the modern world.”

3. Yoga Dance Party: A Different Experience at the Club (The New York Times, May 2012)
Young yoga enthusiasts are bringing a healthy alternative to the smoke, drugs and alcohol of the club scene. One such event, a “yoga rave” at Pacha, a nightclub in Midtown Manhattan, was organized by the Art of Living Foundation, a 30-year-old organization with centers around the world and a mission to promote peace through yoga and meditation. “Meditation is really discovering the love and the bliss that can be inside, and dancing is such a natural expression of that,” said Shephali Agrawal, a lawyer and volunteer director at the Art of Living NYC Center. “Just connecting to the pulse, to the music, it allows that energy that’s inside to explode outside.”

4. US Congressman Advocates Meditation (, May 2012)
It is no big secret that much of the world is in great economic, social and political turmoil. But one congressman’s solution to the problem is far different than what you might expect. In his new book “A Mindful Nation,” Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio’s 17th District advocates a practice known as “mindful meditation,” which he has long suggested could fix the social ills of our day, including chronic stress and illness. Drawing from concepts found in Buddhism, mindful meditation involves refocusing the mind to eliminate stress and promote positive thinking. When extended into the healthcare paradigm, mindful meditation has the potential to greatly reduce the overall cost burdens associated with healthcare as we know it. Since chronic stress can destroy a person’s adrenal function, leading to other more serious chronic illnesses, it would appear as though Rep. Ryan’s hypothesis is valid – if stress can be relieved now through meditation, far less people will end up in the hospital later for disease treatment. Rep. Ryan’s ultimate goal is to spread the word about mindfulness to everyone, a gradual process already taking place that he has dubbed a “quiet revolution.”

5. U.K. Free School to Teach Beatles’ Guru’s Meditation Methods (London Evening Standard, Nov 2011)
Children as young as four will be taught transcendental meditation twice a day at a new free school in London. Followers of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who taught the technique to the Beatles, want to open the school in Hampton for pupils aged four to 18. Every morning and afternoon, pupils will meditate at their desks with their eyes closed, and teachers will join in. The group also has a school in Lancashire, which opened 25 years ago. It was previously private, but took advantage of free school legislation to transfer to the state sector in September. The new school would open in 2013 in Oldfield House, a former special school. Richard Scott, leading the Maharishi School Trust bid, said: “Kids think more clearly, the mind is quieter and they become more responsive as a result of the meditation, and it comes through in their results.”

6. Olympics: Yoga and Meditation for Indian Field Hockey Team (New Delhi Television, July 2012)
Before returning to the Olympic stage in London after eight years, the Indian field hockey team worked hard on being a mentally strong unit by practicing yoga and meditation. “Olympics is the topmost event and we are playing there after eight years,” Indian captain Bharat Chetri said, prior to the Games. “So, naturally there is pressure to perform. We are practicing yoga daily for 40 minutes to enhance mental strength.” His team used meditation and visualization sessions to sharpen their focus and their mantra of “convert your weakness into your strength” inspired everyone to excel when faced with challenging opponents on the field.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents