Meditation & Health #4 – Bodhi Light Radiates in San Diego

Meditation & Health #4 Contents

Bodhi Light Radiates in San Diego

By Austin Yeh

San Diego is a beautiful city. The blue sky, temperate climate, turquoise water and golden sand all serve to create an ambiance of serenity. In this serene spirit, Los Angeles Bodhi Meditation Center held a grand Medicine Buddha’s Blessing and Healing Event on July 15, 2012, the first time such a special gathering of that sort had been staged in San Diego. Led by Master Guan-Hai, nearly 700 practitioners and their friends and family members from all over Southern California participated in the event.

Before the event even started, the conference hall was full to capacity and many new visitors had a difficult time finding a seat. The hard-working volunteers added scores of chairs in the hallway outside in an attempt to accommodate the large influx of visitors. Even the newly-added seats filled up rapidly, and the volunteers had to open another room adjacent to the hall. The Los Angeles Bodhi Meditation Center held the event with the hope that every visitor in attendance would establish a connection with Medicine Buddha, feel physically and mentally enriched, and come away spiritually refreshed.

Practitioner Chen Mei-Chun shared her story with all assembled: She quit her job after discovering a thyroid tumor the size of a golf ball. She was worried the tumor might be malignant, and her doctors recommended surgery to remove it. A colleague suggested trying Bodhi Meditation, and after attending several Retreats, she learned that the tumor had become benign. Now it’s completely gone!

Mr. Zhao, an elderly gentleman, also shared a compelling testimonial. He had been plagued by severe rheumatoid arthritis for 40 years. During a healing session conducted by Master Guan-Hai, his swollen legs emitted large amounts of fluid that not only wet his pants, but also left large wet spots on the carpet. After the healing session, Mr. Zhao was immediately able to squat and lift his legs smoothly.

After the amazing testimonials, Master Guan-Hai imparted some of Bodhi Meditation’s dharma and conducted the blessing and healing. He took a quick survey of the physical discomfort and health conditions the audience was experiencing. Almost half of the participants indicated they had head and shoulder discomfort; 90% indicated discomfort in their abdomen, legs, neck, back and upper arms. By the end of the healing session, the results were amazing: About 90% of the pain and suffering was gone.

Master Guan-Hai then led the singing. There were many non-Chinese-speaking participants who, though they didn’t understand the words, clapped and swayed to the music, which is a language that transcends all barriers. Master Guan-Hai later said, “Singing can make people relax, and shortens the distance between people.”

The next blessing and healing session involved Master Guan-Hai removing stones, cysts and excess toxins from internal organs such as the kidneys, gall bladder, liver and bladder. When the session concluded, there were gasps of surprise around the room, as participants discovered that years of suffering had been relieved. Everyone felt relaxed, comfortable and amazed by the seemingly magical transformation that had just occurred.

The San Diego Medicine Buddha’s Blessing and Healing Event was an overwhelming success, and many in attendance – both Chinese and non-Chinese – voiced their intention to participate in future Bodhi Meditation events. The fact that this gathering was met with such enthusiasm is a clear indication that the message of Medicine Buddha’s dharma is spreading rapidly in Southern California.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents