Meditation & Health #4 – Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words

Meditation & Health #4 Contents

Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Golden Words

1. Self-Confidence

1) I am most compassionate.
2) I am most confident.
3) I am most tolerant.
4) I am most courageous.
5) I am most dependable.
6) I am most punctual.
7) I can do anything.

2. The Power of Knowledge

1) I am full of wisdom.
2) I am most knowledgeable.
3) I love to read.
4) I love to observe.
5) I love to listen.
6) I love to think.
7) I take decisive action.

3. Life Purpose

1) I am a gem of the Universe.
2) I am most charming.
3) I am most talented.
4) I sing most beautifully.
5) I love challenges.
6) I am most responsible.
7) I will fulfill my life purpose.

4. Principle of Cause and Consequence

1) You receive what you give.
2) Care for others, and others will care for you.
3) Smile at others, and others will smile at you.
4) Be sincere, and sincerity will surround you.
5) Make trouble for others, and trouble will find you.
6) Frequent generosity begets abundance.
7) Seek to give, without thought of reward.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents