Meditation & Health #4 – Empowered by the Golden Words

Meditation & Health #4 Contents

Empowered by the Golden Words

Why the words?

These words are volitions and affirmations Grandmaster JinBodhi uses in meditation classes, especially for students who lack confidence and courage, and feel depressed. Intention has karmic power, as does action; positive intention carries positive power and negative intention carries negative power. When we send positive intentions to the Universe and to the inner self simultaneously, we connect Universal and individual energy, which is of the same frequency, and thus we are what we intend.

What do they mean?
At first, you may feel uncomfortable with the Golden Words’ inclusion of the word “most” – “I am most courageous,” etc. You may think: “I know I’m not the most courageous.” This thought leads your attention outside, to comparing with others. However, the key to the Golden Words is to speak to yourself, affirming that you can live to your full capacity – that is what “most” means.

How to use them?
Choose the words most touching to you and say them to yourself every morning. Establishing a positive attitude in the morning will bring about a beautiful day. Or read the whole text aloud one to three times daily, preferably early in the day. Bathe yourself in the light of confidence and power and live to fulfill your life purpose.

“I sing most beautifully.”

Lotus Seed, New York

“This statement could not be further from the truth,” I thought when I read the Golden Words for the first time. I remembered the day that I was happily humming a popular song during coffee break in the lunchroom and a colleague came in and commented jokingly, “I heard the song and I thought that our old CD player was out of batteries.” I know I sing poorly.

However, something happened that completely changed my belief.

In March of 2012, my friend Zhao had a stroke and one of the consequences was aphasia. Zhao was a musician and performed in Vienna at the peak of her career. She played piano and had a beautiful, well-trained voice. When I visited her in the hospital, her face was lifeless and she was depressed. I wanted to make her happy. But how? Since she loved singing, I thought that singing might help lighten her mood. I held her hand and smiled. I started a familiar song called The Moon Knows My Heart, hoping she could remember the happy moments when we had sung it together. I looked into her eyes, conveying warmth and love. I sang a few lines, seeing her face softening. Then Zhao opened her mouth, which drooped on one side, and started to sing with me word by word: “You asked me how deep my love is to you, and the moon knows my heart…” Zhao could not say a single word but could sing! Her pronunciation was almost perfect! I was excited by the discovery and so was she. We sang the song again, line by line, word by word, and happy tears filled our eyes. Zhao even grinned at my off-key effort. Who cares about the tune? We were in love.

I visited her every other day and we sang together. The news spread and other visitors sang with her, too. Her ward mates were thrilled, her nurses were thrilled, her therapists were thrilled and her family was thrilled. Singing was included in her vocational therapy, which continued until she was released months later.

Through singing, people feel love, happiness and hope. Now I know the truth: I sing most beautifully.

“I can do anything.”

Shawn Gong, Vancouver

I was very introverted and lacked energy. In my thirties I experienced chronic fatigue, and I felt too tired after work to play with my kids or shop with my wife. My confidence faded when they complained every time I had to turn them down.

Since I began practicing Bodhi Meditation in 2006, my energy level has increased gradually, but my confidence was still lagging behind. At a Retreat, Grandmaster JinBodhi encouraged people to come onstage to display their talents. Inspired by his encouragement, I stepped onto the stage to recite an ancient text. The Master and my fellow classmates gave me a big round of applause, and on that day I started to build up my confidence.

After the Retreat, I kept saying to myself “I am most confident” and “I am most courageous.” I tried to apply the Golden Words in my family life. My wife and kids had long asked for a vacation in the United States. To them it’s easy: Dad drives the family across the border – presto! To me, however, the mission seemed impossible: What if we get lost in a foreign town? What if the car breaks down? What if there are no hotel rooms available? What if…? I was afraid to take a risk, but afraid of disappointing my family as well.

Reading the Golden Words every day helped me with my courage. In the spring of 2009, I decided to take my family to the Tulip Festival across the border. The two-day trip turned out wonderfully: the flowers were beautiful, the kids were happy, everybody was safe and the car worked well.

On the way home, I glanced at my sleeping wife and kids. I knew they were happy. In that quiet moment, a voice rang in my mind: “I can do anything.” Yes, I did it! I can do it! Unprecedented pride filled my body and tears ran down my smiling face.

“Frequent generosity begets abundance.”

Susan Peng, Vancouver

Although I’ve always liked to help and share, I used to do it only when the mood struck me or when someone asked me to contribute. I needed the approval of others in order to boost my confidence, and sometimes my lack of self-assurance stopped me from sharing my talents. For example, I had wanted to share my culinary creations with my friends at work, but I struggled with insecurity about whether anyone would like what I cooked.

After I started practicing meditation, I became more relaxed and at ease. I brought several dishes I’d cooked, along with my favorite dessert, to the office for everyone to share. To my pleasant surprise, my friends were very complimentary and happily enjoyed my gifts. I felt even happier than they did, and I realized that abundance doesn’t only refer to finances, but to emotional and spiritual fulfillment. I feel freer to give what I have – professional advice, smiles, encouraging words and sincere wishes, and much more. The more I give, the happier and richer I feel. “Frequent generosity begets abundance” are the Golden Words that affirm my inner call to give and raise me to a higher level of consciousness.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents