Meditation & Health #4 – A Vision Realized

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A Vision Realized

LAURIE, Vancouver By Jacqueline Sam

It was a happy accident of fate that brought Laurie to the door of Bodhi Meditation. During a stop at a Tim Hortons restaurant located across the street from Vancouver Center, she noticed the Bodhi Meditation sign. She decided to try a class and her world quickly changed for the better.

“[I was shown] how to do Greater Illumination. From the first day I practiced it…it really flowed, I really liked it. I was riding on a wave…. It was really comfortable.”
During her initial three months as a Bodhi practitioner, Laurie incorporated the teachings and practices into her daily life with gusto.

“I liked [the meditations] so much that I got the CDs and started practicing at home because I couldn’t always come to the Center.”

Laurie’s enthusiasm for Bodhi Meditation led her to participate in the Second Level Retreat in April of 2012, where unexpected physical and spiritual experiences awaited.

“On the first day of the Retreat, the teacher asked everyone who wanted to fast to raise their hand. And I thought, I don’t want to fast because I like to eat! And so I didn’t raise my hand. I thought everybody was crazy,” she recalled with a laugh. “But that very evening, I didn’t feel like eating. I didn’t eat again for…about twenty days.”

Ten days into her fast, Laurie had lost thirteen pounds. Her energy, vibrancy and clarity increased as her body and mind became attuned to a positive new vibration that has brought lasting change. When she first resumed eating, her food choices took a new turn.

“My eating habits are different since fasting,” she said, shortly after she began consuming food. “Right now I don’t eat rice. I don’t eat anything with flour in it. I only want to eat salad and avocadoes with vinegar. I sleep about four or five hours a night, whereas I used to want to sleep eight to nine hours. I used to sleep a lot. And now I don’t, I wake up at four, wide-awake. I’m full of energy. People tell me I’ve totally changed!”

After eating salads for a week, she fasted again for 10 days. Those periods of spontaneous fasting resulted in a 33-pound weight loss. Laurie’s colleagues noticed her newfound glow of health and contentment, and were intrigued when she told them it was due to the power of Bodhi Meditation.

“If they thought I was weird before because I smiled all the time, now I smile even more! It’s a lot easier for me to look at everything that’s happening, like if there’s some difficulty, from a new perspective, to look at [a problem] away from the place where it’s happening. I can find a resolution much easier than before. Even at work, especially when things are happening really quickly, it’s helped me a great deal. As a result [of seeing my transformation], several people I know are interested [in Bodhi Meditation]. I have some friends who are interested in losing weight so they want to try it.”

While attending the Second Level Retreat, Laurie had a spiritual vision during meditation that was profoundly echoed later by an activity in class.

“In my vision, there was a bigger, male Buddha and a smaller, female one. The female Buddha was sitting on a turquoise lotus. She was holding a golden chain, and she stood up and took the chain from one person to another, linking everybody together.”

On the last day of the Retreat, everybody held hands and sang, and Laurie was startled to realize how much the scene before her was a reflection of her vision.

“We were holding each other’s hands, all of us together, in one chain, and I realized, wow, it was just like in my vision. We’re all brothers and sisters. It was very emotional.”

Laurie is grateful to be taking Bodhi Meditation with her into a new chapter of her life that she is embarking on in Virginia. When she expressed her sadness at leaving her Vancouver Bodhi world behind, Master Nicolas of Vancouver Center urged her to focus on bringing wisdom and healing to as many people as possible in this next phase of her life. Across language and cultural divides, Laurie has journeyed home to Bodhi Meditation, finding a connectedness and peace that she plans to take with her wherever she goes.

“Thank you,” she said to all in attendance at the Retreat, her voice full of joy. “Wo ai ni. [I love you].”

Meditation & Health #4 Contents