Meditation & Health #4 – A Digital Miracle

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A Digital Miracle

By Ujjal Ghoshtagore, Los Angelas

I became interested in Bodhi Meditation after my wife, Leslie, began attending classes, toward the end of 2011. My parents are from India, a country with a rich spiritual heritage, and I have long been interested in learning how to meditate. I began by attending a Sunday afternoon meditation session at the Alhambra Center, and gradually began attending more events. Although initially I did not experience any miracles of my own, I was touched by the stories of others, and despite being unable to understand much Mandarin, I could see Master Guan-Hai’s devotion to healing people. At a puja held at the Taiwan Cultural Center in celebration of the birth of Guanyin, it was obvious how exhausted Master Guan-Hai was from healing people the evening before. I became worried about him and was moved by his obvious dedication. After this event, I decided to become more committed to learning about Bodhi Meditation.

I started by attending the First Level Meditation & Fitness Retreat. Since I had already participated in several classes over the previous few months, attending this Retreat mainly helped me to fill in gaps in my knowledge of The Meditation of Purity and The Meditation of Greater Illumination. My goal was to graduate to the Second Level and see what I could learn there. I was not disappointed. I was quite astonished to be able to help heal two people, each on two occasions (repeat customers!) While performing a healing session, I was surprised when I felt cold air, just as described by Grandmaster JinBodhi, behind one elderly lady’s knees and in her lower back area. At first I thought the cold breeze might just be from the air conditioning vent, but it did not make sense that I would feel a gust of air so close to the ground. Sure enough, her pain was in her knees and lower back, and as I began a healing visualization to remove it, she smiled and gave me a thumbs-up. Being able to help lessen someone else’s suffering is an exhilarating experience, unlike anything else. The second time I helped to heal her, we had just sat down to have lunch. I could see that she was in pain and I realized that I could, and should, help. My interest in my lunch quickly went away and I got to work. Once again I was able to help her and she was visibly relieved, and out of gratitude offered to let my wife and I stay at her house in Taipei during our next visit.

My commitment to Bodhi Meditation was further elevated when I experienced a miracle of my own. In between the First and Second Level Retreats I had the unfortunate experience of losing my iPhone, on which I kept many important contacts as well as notes from important business meetings – including details of a meeting with my company’s CEO that took place in the late summer of 2011. After a few fruitless days of searching, I asked my wife to request help from Master Guan-Hai. He suggested that I pray to Grandmaster JinBodhi for assistance in finding my phone. What happened next is truly astounding. Despite more searching my iPhone remained lost, so I relented and bought a new one about a month later. I was shocked to see that my notes were there on the new phone. I had not backed up my old phone for over two years, so this was truly a miracle, one that I can thank Grandmaster JinBodhi for. Maybe I am the first person to report a “digital miracle” resulting from Bodhi Meditation!

Meditation & Health #4 Contents