Meditation & Health #4 – A Sound Sleep

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A Sound Sleep

By Shan Jing, Singapore

Based in Singapore, I’m a 54-year-old whose work in the accounting field keeps me in front of a computer screen for many hours at a stretch. As a result, after nearly 30 years of working life, I developed occupational diseases: eye strain and worsening nearsightedness. In addition to my eye difficulties, my sensitive nose was causing me grief. In response to a change in humidity, my nose would become blocked at night causing me to awaken, and I would subsequently find it difficult to return to sleep. Diminished sleep quality resulted in constant tiredness that was affecting my day-to-day life. Good quality sleep had also become a scarcity over the past few years due to menopause-induced insomnia. Desperate in the face of growing fatigue, I tried many different exercises and therapies but none worked.

In October of 2011, I took part in a two-day Bodhi Meditation Retreat and learned The Meditation of Greater Illumination. After only two days of practice, the quality of my sleep began to take a turn for the better.

I can now sleep soundly till dawn – such refreshing slumber had eluded me for years. Experiencing this life-changing benefit so rapidly gave me the conviction that The Meditation of Greater Illumination is profoundly health-promoting. Thus, I’ve continued to practice it nightly.

Subsequently, I attended a Bodhi Chanting Class held in Taipei and learned prostration. Since then, I have been practicing prostration daily, and in the process I have happily shed almost nine pounds (four kilograms). Additionally, my sleep quality has improved further, and my nasal issues and menopause-related hot flashes have also recurred less often. Even more amazing, my professional life has become much smoother, and my family mentioned that my temperament has become gentler and my demeanour calmer. These are indeed wonderful benefits that I had never expected to experience!

Meditation & Health #4 Contents