Meditation & Health #4 – Spreading the Word in San Diego

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Spreading the Word in San Diego

By Patrick Soon, San Diego

By January of 2011, my contract job as a software engineer had ended and so began a six-month spell during which I was out of work. However, during those tough economic times there came a blessing: While I was at one of my local grocery markets in San Diego, I came across a newspaper article about Bodhi Meditation practice that included additional class registration information.

In that moment, a new way of being opened up to me. At first I was a bit skeptical about the miraculous healings mentioned in the article, but I was mostly open-minded due to my belief in Buddhist teachings and dharma practice. I was born in Malaysia and my home country’s culture has been influenced by three different communities: Malay, Chinese and Indian. Each community has contributed to Malaysia’s broad religious spectrum, which includes Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Exposure to a diversity of spiritual thought has made me receptive to new ideas.

Based on what I had read in the newspaper article about Bodhi Meditation, I decided to attend a five-day Chanting Class held in San Gabriel and guided by Grandmaster JinBodhi.

Over 1500 people were in attendance and scores of volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure a successful event. The experience was great and unique. It impacted me so deeply that I decided to become a disciple of Grandmaster JinBodhi.

This decision seemed to touch off a chain of positive happenings. A few weeks later, I found another job as a software engineer. My commitment was further solidified and I continued to attend additional classes held at Bodhi Meditation Los Angeles Center, as there is not yet a Center in the San Diego area.

After attending a few meditation classes, I had made many great new friends and my longstanding health issues had begun to wane. I had been plagued with asthma, bronchitis, angina and swollen lymph glands in my neck, as well as digestion issues and constipation. After consistently participating in a few classes and attending healing sessions performed by Master Guan-Hai, my health issues had been greatly mitigated and I was well on my way to recovery.

As a result, I became keen to give back to the source of such enrichment in my life, and so I decided to help spread the word about the benefits of this practice. I began to volunteer to distribute Bodhi Meditation newspapers and magazines throughout the Greater San Diego area, and I continue to introduce my friends to the benefits of Bodhi Meditation.

Many of my friends have also had different types of health challenges. Glen is an example of a friend of mine whose health took a turn for the better after I brought Bodhi Meditation into his life. He had serious gouty arthritis that was worsening by the day, to the extent that he had trouble walking. Confident that I could be instrumental in alleviating his pain, I drove Glen to the Los Angeles Center to attend one of the healing events.

During the event, Master Guan-Hai gave him an onstage energy treatment, and everyone present witnessed Glen being suddenly able to walk across the stage much more easily, without any pain.
Another friend of mine, Angela, has also found relief from long-term acne and facial pain, starting after just one healing session conducted by Master Guan-Hai.

It has been a privilege to volunteer at many of these classes and healing sessions – witnessing miraculous healings at Bodhi Meditation Centers has inspired me to a new perspective about what is possible in terms of quality of life and inspiration.

Since stepping onto the Bodhi path, I have been blessed to call Grandmaster JinBodhi and Master Guan-Hai, as well as all of the staff, volunteers and students, my family, and to call the Centers my second home. The compassion that is the cornerstone of this practice has facilitated the healing of so many people.

It is my hope that by spreading the word in my home community, I can contribute in some small way to the founding of a permanent Bodhi Meditation Center in the San Diego area.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents