Meditation & Health #4 – Finding My Voice

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Finding My Voice

By Lay Yeong Yeah

I was born in Penang, Malaysia and now live in Kuala Lumpur. I suffered from neck pain and a sore throat for nearly two decades before encountering Bodhi Meditation in 2011. Years ago, when I read storybooks to my now-18-year-old son, I would lose my voice after only 10 minutes of reading because of the pain in my throat.

To make matters worse, two years ago another illness joined my chronic conditions. It started with a migraine in the right side of my head, and then the pain spread to the whole right side of my body. I often woke up at night feeling intense pain in my right ear. My right shoulder became strained, and household chores were consequently difficult for me. The fact that my health was going downhill made me frustrated and hopeless. Medication failed to stop the negative trend.

In November of 2011 I met an old friend whom I had not seen for more than 30 years. She told me about Bodhi Meditation and recommended that I read The Buddhist Robes, which I finished in two days. The book, which is about Grandmaster JinBodhi and his compassionate mission, got my attention. On November 27th, I registered for my first Bodhi Meditation Retreat in Kuala Lumpur.

During the eight-and-a-half-day Retreat, I experienced unexpected physical benefits through practicing and through the energy healings given by the instructors. In one of the healing sessions, my whole body felt pleasantly electrified, tingly energy flowing through my torso and limbs. A strong energy current zoomed through my spine and washed over my head repeatedly.

After the session was over, I stood up and moved my body – my persistent pain was completely gone! Tears of joy began to flow.

My body continued to readjust itself during subsequent Retreats, and I experienced many more wonderful moments, some of which are not easy to express in words. To make a long story short, every Retreat left me with a healthier body and more relaxed mind.

The throat pain that had plagued me all those years has improved a lot: I can go on chanting and praying aloud for 35 minutes (the length of the CD) without any discomfort or loss of voice. The migraine has not returned and I sleep like a baby. My right shoulder is fully recovered and I am once again energetic and active.

My family has observed other changes in me. My husband claims that I look better, that my skin is smoother and my temperament nicer. Inspired by the rejuvenation she has witnessed in me, my sister began attending Bodhi Retreats. Her allergy symptoms have been relieved and her body refreshed.

I owe my health to Bodhi Meditation – thank you!

Meditation & Health #4 Contents