Meditation & Health #4 – Freedom of Movement

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Freedom of Movement

About Jiao Feng, Singapore, Contributed by Singapore Meditation Center

For three years, following an operation, the movement of Jiao Feng’s left arm was restricted. She was unable to lift her arm above the level of her shoulder, unable to extend it in front of or behind her. She was in excruciating pain, including while trying to practice rehabilitation exercises. Along with the arm issue, 73-year-old Jiao was constantly plagued by numbness on the left side of her body. She was very weak and thin, and her sensitivity to cold made thick clothing a necessity whenever she was in an air-conditioned space. Her outdoor activities were limited because of her poor health. The feeling of alienation that can accompany chronic pain was yet another challenge.

Things changed for Jiao when her daughter brought her a book on the journey of Grandmaster JinBodhi. After being inspired to read The Buddhist Robes three times, she decided to try Bodhi Meditation classes and enrolled herself in May of 2012. Her first Retreat generated the obvious improvement of her condition, which gave her the determination to continue. In the ensuing months, she participated in a total of five Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreats.

On the third day of her fifth Retreat, when the instructor concluded a meditation session by leading the students in closing steps and relaxation exercises, Jiao and her fellow students were surprised to note that she was able to effortlessly swing both her arms in freestyle swimming motion, without obstruction. Both arms could move in a 360-degree circle, and she was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

No longer sensitive to cold and so clad only in a T-shirt in the air-conditioned meditation hall, Jiao happily shared that she had become well enough to stop her medication and her recent blood test was back to normal. Friends and family members had also noticed she looked more radiant, youthful and agile compared to how she’d looked several months before. New black roots were starting to show in her gray hair. She beamed as she said, “I will live every single day with confidence and happiness! Thanks to Grandmaster JinBodhi for his amazing meditation methods.”

Meditation & Health #4 Contents