Meditation & Health #4 – Meditation Saved Me From My Deepest Valley

Meditation & Health #4 Contents

Meditation Saved Me From My Deepest Valley

By Joy Kong, San Francisco
Translation by Arthur and Yvonne

To the old me, “meditation” seemed like such a strange concept. Keeping busy at work in order to have a fairly comfortable lifestyle used to be the sum total of my daily grind. My everyday routine was monotonous, but I kept trudging forward not knowing what my future would hold. I occasionally asked myself what my goal in life was, but I never found the answer.

My life’s turning point occurred in February of 2011, when I fell into my deepest valley. In 2008, my uterine fibroid was over three inches (eight centimeters), but by 2011 it had grown to nearly five inches (12 centimeters). It pressed against nerves, which caused my right leg to become numb. The fibroid also caused frequent urination, and thus I decided to undergo surgery to remove it. I was not fully aware of how imbalanced it had made my urinary tract and digestive system.

On the second day after the operation, I lost feeling in my entire lower abdomen. As a result, I was no longer able to sense when I needed to urinate. My bladder filled with urine causing my abdomen to expand like a balloon.

A doctor inserted a catheter, and my bladder returned to normal size. I was given a diuretic to help regulate and control my bladder, and I also sought help from Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the combination of the two, I was able to manage the problem somewhat.

Unfortunately, my digestive system was also troubled. Whenever I swallowed food, there was a choking feeling in my chest. I never had an appetite, so I rapidly lost weight. Within a month, I had dropped from my normal weight of 110 pounds to 95 pounds.

It was very apparent that my immune system was weakening as well. Before the operation I would sometimes get a cold, but would quickly recover; however post-operation it would take me months to get over an illness. Given the multitude of health challenges I was facing, I grew increasingly upset about my condition. I was in constant emotional upheaval, worrying every day that my life would continue to go downhill and terrified that I would have to take medication for the rest of my days.

But in April of 2011, a big change came my way.

My husband’s friend introduced me to Bodhi Meditation. At first, I was skeptical.

I was suffering from a severe cold. However, to my surprise, not only did friendly Master Jue-Wu, abbot of the Bailian Bodhi Meditation Center, choose not to keep her distance, but she gave me a heartfelt hug as well.

It was only after Master Jue-Wu performed energy healing on me and I started practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination did I finally begin to improve. She also taught me how to do prostration, which allowed my whole body to relax and start to recover from the urinary tract issue.

In the beginning, I could only do about 15 minutes of prostration, but I gradually increased the amount of time to the point where I can comfortably do it for an hour. It’s just like Master Jue Wu said: By doing prostration, I was able to slowly start naturally regulating my bladder without the aid of any medications. By November of 2011, I stopped needing to take medication altogether and could control my bladder again.

My digestive system also improved at the same time. That feeling of not being able to swallow food disappeared. My appetite returned and I found myself at a healthy weight of 105 pounds. My immune system also strengthened and never again did I find myself needing to spend months recovering from a cold. In addition, my insomnia, which had previously necessitated sleeping pills, improved thanks to prostration. I can now get a good night’s sleep of, at the very least, four hours without popping a pill.

Due to the dramatic improvement of my health, my worries went away. I felt totally relaxed and confident. Now I volunteer at the Bailian Bodhi Meditation Center.

Bodhi Meditation has also enhanced my mind. In July of 2011, my husband and I attended Grandmaster JinBodhi’s seven-day Chanting Retreat in Los Angeles. During class, I could deeply feel the Master’s compassion and tolerance, and I started to realize my attitude toward certain situations was mistaken, and saw my selfish tendencies and irritable temper. I broke down in tears, sorry for the way that I had, at times, treated family and colleagues.

The operation I underwent brought me to the lowest point of my life, but because of it I was able to be reborn. While the experience certainly brought me much pain and suffering, I’m still grateful for my health challenges because they guided me to Bodhi Meditation, which taught me invaluable life lessons. Through Bodhi, I discovered my life purpose: to use love and kindness to help others.

As a result, I am committed to always treating others with kindness, never expecting anything in return. My relationship with my family has become harmonious, a reflection of the positive changes in me.

Now I live a fulfilling life. Not only did Bodhi Meditation heal my body and mind, but it also made me realize my mission on Earth.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents