Meditation & Health #4 – Navigating a New Land With a Wise Friend

Meditation & Health #4 Contents

Navigating a New Land With a Wise Friend

By Jeff Yang , Vancouver, College Freshman

I’ve been deeply connected to Bodhi Meditation since birth. My earliest memory is of my mother sitting in stillness, meditating. As a little boy, I imitated her meditation practice for fun. As I grew older, my understanding of meditation and its benefits grew, and I developed a strong interest in it.

As a preteen, I immigrated with my mother to Canada. I was thrust into a strange new world. My father stayed behind in China to work and my mother was busy with her job in our adopted country. Loneliness often consumed me as I struggled to deal with my language barrier, stress from school and the challenges that come with being in a new environment. So, meditation became my friend.

At home alone, I started with 10-minute sessions of seated meditation, and progressed to 20-minute, 30-minute and then hour-long sessions. I was obsessed with it. Later on I practiced dynamic meditation too – The Meditation of Greater Illumination. Nothing miraculous happened during my practice, and I didn’t see light, either, as some people do. However, I just liked doing it. After each practice, I would feel relaxed and energetic. Since coming to Canada, I’ve never fallen ill, not even a single common cold.

Now, in my late teens, I have a better understanding of the world, and I realize that the effect of meditation on my growth is gradual but deep. Meditation facilitates my healthy physical body and also raises my consciousness before I even realize it. When I sit still, my mind settles and every cell of me goes into deep relaxation. Slowly, this calm state of mind has become the state of my life. I have noticed that I have a pure mind which can calm down during crises and cope with complex life situations with composure, rather than make rash decisions, despite my young age. I have also noticed that I have a positive attitude toward myself and others. In addition, meditating brings me into oneness with Nature and the Universe. When I come back from a meditative state, I feel that the world around me is full of love, I feel grateful for what I have and I am compassionate toward all beings. I am free to express my gratitude to all and take care of everyone and everything within my reach.

Meditating has transformed me. Meditating gives me a happy life.

Meditation & Health #4 Contents