Meditation & Health #5 – Nurturing Our Body and Spirit

Meditation & Health #5 Contents

Nurturing Our Body and Spirit

Excerpted from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s Book Entitled Looking at Life Through Enlightened Eyes

Our lives are governed by unhealthy lifestyle habits and concepts that seem right but are actually wrong. Many are unaware that these concepts and habits are continually harming our bodies, and affecting the health of the next generation. But once we correct these ideas and habits, there will be tremendous changes in our health and lives.

Unhealthy ‘Health’ Food Supplements

Those who suffer from gastric pain may say, “Alright, since this health food is meant to help the gastric system, let’s give it a try.” Such a trial may cause potential intestinal tumours to become bigger, or worsen stomach ulcers. The same type of pain may be ‘hot’ or ‘cooling’ in nature. Even from the Western doctor’s perspective, the same type of pain may be symptomatic of different illnesses; but very often we do not realise this, we only feel the pain.

At this point, if we consume what is presumably a health food, it may not resolve the pain and instead worsen the problem! Thus, health foods should be consumed minimally, or not at all. This is because health foods may be too focussed in their effect, and excessively enhancing any aspect may do more harm to the body. Those who buy health foods with medicinal effects can expect certain health risks. Those who have taken health foods for more than one week might experience negative side effects.

So my principle is this: If you are sick, see a Western doctor or a TCM doctor. Medicine that is suitably dispensed according to the pulse reading is more targeted, and thus safer.

It is most worrying when some people, having read from books that a particular type of food brings health benefits, start to consume it voraciously. This is wrong. My suggestion is to eat omnivorous food; in other words, whether it is in the choice of vegetables or a main dish, it’s best to have a variety of foods. Health foods on sale in the market may not necessarily have the required nutritional value.

Trying all means of attaining nutrition will instead create negative side effects, and cause the preparation of our meals to become inconvenient, especially when it is a case of us eating more of these unnecessary health foods or tonics.

For instance, in Taiwan, the variety of vegetables is tremendous, and concern about insufficient nutrition is thus unnecessary. I remember that when I was small, growing up in the northern part of China, the only vegetables I had were radish, sweet potatoes, cabbage and onions, and there was nothing else to eat apart from these. These items were part of what was considered a normal diet, and poorer folks would eat even more simply; some ate only radish and many only had sweet potatoes for their meals.

You can see that the people in northern China are big and tall. Even though they only eat sweet potatoes every day, they still grow to become tall and strong. Although the nutrition in potatoes is singular, they do contain lots of vitamins.

If a vegetable grows on trees or the ground, it contains more than one type of element and captures the Earth’s energy. Different vegetables absorb different kinds of nutrients, just like chilli and ginseng do not absorb the same kinds of nutrients.

Those living in the southern part of China or in the tropics and regions further south, will have access to a rich diversity of foods with adequate nutritional content. There is thus no need to deliberately eat these so-called health foods. Consuming only a singular type of food is tantamount to taking poison.

Hair Dye Toxins Affect Three Generations

To meet the needs of modern society, people have developed various substances that contain toxins, such as hair dyes which enter the body through the head. Should your body happen to be weak, you would be a target for incurable diseases.

Do not think that hair has nothing to do with the body, as the hair dye that is smeared on the head will interact with the body. Please do not think that dyeing your white hair black is a small matter. That is a scary mistake. The chemical elements within the hair dye will seep through the scalp and enter your body, and though the amount is not big, it will nevertheless have some effect on your health.

It may not be a case of pure diffusion of substances, but it is a transmission of energy. The function of hair shampoo is to wash off the dirt in your hair and should not cause too much harm to the body. But hair dye is different – it has harmful effects. This is especially the case with Asians’ black hair, which is different from Caucasians’ blond hair; blond hair contains light colour elements and can be dyed easily, so it is easy for Westerners to dye their hair. However, Asian’s black hair is hard to dye. They need to bleach off the original colour before applying the new dye, and this process of fading off the original colour will have damaging effects. When you grasp the composition of hair dye, you will realise how awfully harmful it is.

Amongst the students in Canada, there is one hair stylist whose arms appear to be covered with some kind of ‘armour’. The skin on her arms has been severely damaged by hair dye. Her mother is also a hair stylist who has been dyeing people’s hair for a long time. Since birth, she has been having skin problems, and her skin resemble that of crocodile skin.

Additionally, she faces problems with her teeth, mouth and internal organs. So the detrimental effect of such chemical substances on the human body is horrendous. This particular student is actually a comely lady with a good figure; her only issue is her skin. However, after attending a few sessions of the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat, she has learnt how to expel the toxins from her body and gradually her skin condition has improved.

At present, she has a son with poor health – his skeletal structure and mental capabilities are suboptimal. She is very clear that this is hereditary. The extent of harm that hair dye has on the body is obviously enormous as in her case it has filtered into the third generation.

Cosmetics Can Harm the Facial Skin

As we are seeking good health and nourishment, we should avoid having long-term contact with, or exposure to, harmful substances such as cosmetics. I’ve discovered that many women in Taiwan love to look good, but this emphasis on looks has caused them to inadvertently harm themselves. When too much cosmetics is applied, the skin becomes damaged. When you scrutinise carefully, the layer beneath the skin is dark, and the external layer is covered with a white substance, as though a thin white layer is stuck on it. This indicates that the facial skin has been burnt.

In the pursuit of profit, cosmetic manufacturers have launched various kinds of cosmetics and skincare products. Women who love to look good will smear on their faces a few types of products during the day, and a few more products at night before they sleep, covering their faces with chemical substances 24 hours a day. Our skin needs to breathe. However, how can it do that when it is smothered with so many chemical substances? How then can you look good?

Actually, when dark spots start showing on the face, it is usually indicative of hormonal imbalance. Many women do not exercise sufficiently after childbirth and their internal meridian channels are all blocked, giving rise to the dark spots.

Due to the production of oil for several years, much of the ground in DaQing, China looks desert-like, and is sprinkled with salty crystals. However, in those areas without oil, the land is arable and is better for cultivation. Our skin functions in the same way. When excess melanin is deposited in the skin, it is actually not a facial issue, but an issue of the internal organs. And the way to strengthen the internal organs is through, firstly, diet; secondly, exercise; and thirdly, mood. It is futile to just look after the skin.

Applying more and more substances on the face will only worsen the skin condition. I know of many women who will smear stuff on their eyes, apply things on their nose, draw their eyebrows and put on lipstick. When you apply so many cosmetics, it is like pouring farming chemicals on your face – how can your skin be pristine?

If you can avoid using cosmetics, do so. It is best to minimise cosmetic use so as to give your skin the necessary chance to breathe freely and rest.

Meditation & Health #5 Contents