Meditation & Health #5 – Pain Ends When Meditation Begins

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Pain Ends When Meditation Begins

By Huang Yu-Xiang, Los Angeles

Pain and Insomnia Were My ‘Best Friends’

Before practising Bodhi Meditation, the pain in my ear made me suffer from insomnia for more than 30 consecutive days. Despite taking sleeping pills, I slept only about an hour every night. I was weak with sickness. My husband took me to many doctors and tried many methods (even religious methods), but none produced significant results.

My First Steps Towards Health

One day, I came across a copy of the Bodhi Meditation newsletter. Published in the newsletter were many testimonies of people who have benefited from the practice. One particular testimony caught my eye – the misery and distress the practitioner had been through was very similar to what I was experiencing. Hence, I pleaded with my husband to bring me to Los Angeles Bodhi Meditation Centre. The meditation teachers and practitioners there welcomed me with warm, open arms. When I returned home that day, I felt more comfortable and my headache had ceased.

A few days later, the discomfort resurfaced and my first thought was to go to the Meditation Centre. This time, a senior practitioner gave me healing. Afterward, I felt very at ease and my ear stopped hurting. I felt as though I was reborn. However, I know not why, but once I returned home, the pain in my ear would resurface.

The next morning, I went to the Meditation Centre again and did my prostrations alongside fellow practitioners. After a while, Master Guan-Hai approached me; he spoke to me affectionately as though he was speaking to a friend. He enquired where I was not feeling well and I replied, “My ear hurts. The pain is so agonizing that I can’t sleep. My heart hurts as well, it’s as though something is piercing my chest. I feel like I am having a heart attack.” He then went on to give me healing. After a while, he asked, “Does it still hurt?” I deliberated for a while and realised, “Hey, it no longer hurts anymore!”

Before leaving, Master Guan-Hai gave me a stack of ‘energy paper’, and taught me how to use it. Sceptical, I could not help but question, “Is it really useful? Will it really improve my sleep?” Master Guan-Hai merely said lightly, “You try it!” That night, I slept from 11:30 till 6:30 in the morning. That was the best sleep I had had in those 30 days.

My Physical Transformation

The truth is, my whole body was plagued with problems. I had gastric pangs for more than 20 years. I went for a gastroscopy and was diagnosed with chronic gastritis. In addition, my chest pain had troubled me for five or six years already.

I was energetic and in high spirits during the first two days of my Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat. However, on the third and fourth day, I felt as though all the diseases in my body were reappearing. My stomach was bloated to the extent that it hurt, my chest felt like it was on fire and towards the end my entire chest was in pain. On the fourth and fifth day, I felt that the pain was unbearable and I wanted to give up. At that moment, I seemed to hear a voice saying, “You must persevere!”

So, I gritted my teeth and persisted.

After enduring till the sixth day, Master Guan-Hai gave me healing again. It was miraculous: The pain in my chest ceased and that night, I could sleep without taking my sleeping pills! That night, I slept really soundly. Words failed to express the joy I felt!

On 8th May, 2012, I graduated from The Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat. That day also marked a month since I first joined Bodhi Meditation. After a month of meditation, the chronic gastritis and inexplicable heartache that had afflicted me for nearly a decade had entirely disappeared. Additionally, other pains and aches that I previously had are also gone. Now, I no longer need to rely on medicines and I feel a sense of purity in my mind, body and spirit every day.

Unexpected Benefits

I am a very sensitive person and am easily prone to being worried, scared and anxious. However, ever since receiving Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, I am full of confidence. I treasure Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings a lot; I listen seriously and ponder over every word Grandmaster JinBodhi says. I have benefited immensely – my views and mentality towards many things have changed and my outlook to life is more cheerful and open-minded now.

I was really pleased when I experienced 22 days of spontaneous fasting between my Health and Fitness and Second Level Retreats. I lost 12 pounds, going from 129 pounds to 117 pounds.

My daughter is only 15 years old this year, but she often complained of backaches. After accompanying me to the first day of the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat, she expressed, “Mum, when Grandmaster JinBodhi was giving everyone healing, my body experienced a sharp pain and now my waist no longer aches anymore! It’s really amazing!” She also told me the quality of her sleep has improved; she can concentrate better now and is more confident.

Now whenever my husband enquires about my health, I always answer, “Rest assured! I am in good health; you don’t have to worry anymore.”

I am glad I had an affinity for learning Bodhi Meditation. I am also glad that through Bodhi Meditation, I recognise that health and happiness are the fundamental essence of life.

Meditation & Health #5 Contents