Meditation & Health #5 – Awesome Results After Just Four Days of Meditation

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Awesome Results After Just Four Days of Meditation

By Shi Xiao-Juan, Toronto

My name is Shi Xiao-Juan and I have lived in Toronto, Canada for 10 years. I have a good friend whom I affectionately call ‘Sister Zhang’ and we often chat and go shopping together. In August last year (2011), she suddenly ‘disappeared’ for two weeks. By the time I saw her again, I found that she looked prettier than before, and her fair complexion had taken on a rosy hue.

How did this happen?

She revealed that she had been practising Bodhi Meditation, having just been to Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Centre to participate in The Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat. Sister Zhang also described a lot of the incredible healing experiences that had happened through Bodhi Meditation. I was immensely curious and yet incredulous at the same time. Seeing the cynical look on my face, Sister Zhang said “You will only understand after experiencing it yourself.” As such, I signed up for the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat in September 2011.

Busy with work, I could only attend the first four days. The remaining days, I could only attend whenever I had free time. Despite that, the results were still good.

I work as a residential cleaner. My job requires manual labour and strength, especially in the arms. The nature of my work resulted in the formation of a very hard ganglion cyst the size of a soybean on my inner left wrist six or seven years ago. The day after the Retreat ended, I inadvertently glanced at my left wrist while I was cleaning and realised that the cyst was gone! Worried, I stopped what I was doing and carefully checked my wrist – had it moved to another part of my hand?

I examined both hands thoroughly and realised the cyst was really gone!

I was thrilled and excitedly informed my husband of the good news. At home, he took my wrists and kept checking them, trying to verify if the cyst that had been around for six or seven years had indeed disappeared after a few days of meditation. He exclaimed, “This meditation is really good, you have to persist in it!” Even after several months, the cyst has not recurred.

My amazing experience gave me confidence in the remarkable effects of Bodhi Meditation. Later, I related this happening over and over again to all my friends who knew that I suffered from tenosynovitis, and I showed them my wrists. I also passed them books and CDs on Bodhi Meditation to help them understand more about it, the same way Sister Zhang had shared Bodhi Meditation with me.

Before meditating, my weight was around 170 pounds; I was fat. Less than a week after the Retreat, I found that I had lost seven or eight pounds, and that weight loss has been maintained until now. My husband teased, “You now have a waist line! That’s great!” Since then, my friends have been commenting that my physique looks better and I have become more beautiful.

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with cardiac dysrhythmia (intermittent premature heartbeats) and ever since I had relied on medicine to keep the condition under control. With age, stress from work, mood swings, etc., my condition had worsened in the past three years. I never knew when my condition would act up; my heart would stop for a few seconds and then pound heavily after the pause. Sometimes, this episode could last for 20 to 30 minutes. It was very uncomfortable. After learning meditation, I am calmer and my emotions no longer fluctuate as much; the irregular heartbeat seems to have ceased as well. Additionally, I no longer take medicine any more. On occasions when it does occur, the time span of the episode is shortened and the frequency of my heart stopping has also decreased. Sometimes, I almost forget that I had such a problem before.

Speaking of emotions, I used to be very quick-tempered. Similarly, my husband is also hot-tempered and stubborn. Migrating to another country caused us much stress and we frequently quarrelled. When we quarrelled, I had a tendency to smash things – the first television and set of glass objects in the house were all smashed by me and we had to replace them.

During the period when I attended the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat, my husband and I nearly got into an argument. If this were to happen previously, I would have definitely lost my temper and smashed the objects in my sight. However, instead of blowing my top the way I used to, I calmly poured a glass of water and gently set it beside my husband. My husband was shocked and speechless.

He was astounded. I was more surprised than he was – how did I become so rational and gentle? Maybe it was due to Master’s teachings; maybe through listening to Master’s teachings I have changed.

Now, meditation is an integral part of my life. Every day, I play Bodhi Meditation’s music and enjoy peace of mind. Whenever my husband is at home, we take advantage of free time to watch the DVD on Master’s teachings. Our favourite DVD is the Inspirations From Skiing, where Master spoke with lots of humour. While watching, my husband and I would often laugh out loud. Through Master’s simple stories, we understand a lot of life’s principles and have gradually changed our shortcomings. Now, we can communicate better and whenever we have differing opinions, we are able to calmly talk things out; we hardly quarrel any more.

I go to the Meditation Centre every week to practise with my fellow practitioners; it has become a second home to me. Every morning, I respectfully and sincerely prostrate in front of Master’s portrait before going to work. This way, I greet the day with positive and healthy energy and the troubles and difficulties that I face are resolved more easily.

I am very grateful for the miraculous change Bodhi Meditation has brought to me and my family!

Meditation & Health #5 Contents