Meditation & Health #6 – Joy of Zen, Insight

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Joy of Zen, Insight

Joy of Zen

Joy of Zen was created when Grandmaster JinBodhi was in deep samadhi, and it captures the ecstasy of enlightenment.

Heavenly music, exquisite flowers, intoxicating perfumes, Divine beings and seven wisdoms herald the arrival of an enlightened person.

Those who are blessed to see or own this treasurable painting, will enjoy immense blessings of infinite wisdom, wealth and auspiciousness from Grandmaster JinBodhi – all these will be a boon to one’s career and spiritual cultivation.


“Oneness is a union of sky, earth and humanity. This union is the highest state of consciousness. In this state we can create and solve the unthinkable and unspeakable, achieve anything that a human can possibly achieve.”

So teaches Grandmaster JinBodhi, and in this issue of Meditation & Health, we continue to hold that sacred truth as the underpinning of our sundry explorations into the worlds of meditation, Zen and good health.

From meditation’s effectiveness for pain relief, holistic solutions for cardiovascular wellness and the parallels between Zen and a soothing cup of tea, to spiritual sites that sustain the resilient Burmese and deep insights into holographic theory, it is compassionate oneness that is the source of daily miracles.

And it is miracles that Bodhi practitioners share with us, many of whom have recovered from illnesses and adversity that they had once deemed beyond hope. Again and again, we are shown that creating and solving the unthinkable and unspeakable is the birthright of humanity, that exploring consciousness and the mysteries of the Universe opens a gateway to physical wellness and joy. Bodhi Meditation is one such portal, a simple yet profound source of health, creativity and happiness.

Grandmaster JinBodhi invites you to step through.

Melia McClure

Meditation & Health #6 Contents