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In the Northern Hemisphere autumn marks the end of the harvest and a transition into the contemplative journey that is winter, which in spiritual terms means a letting go and a preparing to delve within. No matter where one lives or what time of year, there is no better moment than now to relinquish the past, dwell only in the present, and express gratitude for the bounty of the Universe. For many, autumn is also a reminder that all is ephemeral, and it is this very quality of impermanence that makes cherishing every aspect of life so important.

“Death is the mother of beauty,” wrote the poet Wallace Stevens, and his words capture the idea that what we find beautiful is all the more so because it is fleeting.

Though we are in a state of ceaseless transformation, what doesn’t change is our connection to the Universe, to the primordial forces of our world. From the power of sound healing to the enchantingly gorgeous sacred visual art form known as thangka, to the mysterious, rediscovered Buddhist wonder Borobudur, it is our oneness with a higher consciousness that creates miracles. All is impermanent, but the beauty of life is born anew in every moment.

Bodhi Meditation is creating miracles each day, of physical health and emotional salvation. It returns us to what never changes –– Universal consciousness –– and by so doing transforms millions of lives.

Melia McClure

Letter to the Editor

About 2 months ago, when I was in the A Market,             I picked up a free copy of Meditation & Health. I sent it to a woman at a prison who is a Buddhist and attends the Buddhist Study Group with about 10-12 female inmates.

The woman who received Meditation & Health expressed how wonderful the articles were in the Winter/Spring 2013 issue. Thank you for making that magazine available at the A Market, thus subsequently available to inmates in need of the spiritual messages.

I am wondering if it is possible to make a dozen copies of Meditation & Health available to the women in the Buddhist Study Group. I certainly am willing to consider paying for this publication to be made available to the women. I am retired, and on a fixed income, but I believe the women need publications like yours to enrich their lives. Please let me know what the cost would be; if the cost is not prohibitive, I will gladly pay for the publication(s).

Thank you for considering this request,

Jan K.
New Hampshire

From the Editor

We are so thrilled that Meditation & Health is making such a positive impact on people who are really in need of love and light in their lives.

Our deep gratitude goes to social wellness advocates like you who are helping us to bring a message of hope, courage and peace where it is needed most.

Meditation & Health is a free publication and we have sent multiple copies to the women’s prison for distribution to the inmates attending the Buddhist Study Group.

New issues are released quarterly and we would be happy to distribute copies of each issue to the prison.

Let our lives not be trapped by circumstances, and may love and redemption prevail.

Meditation & Health #7 Contents