Meditation & Health #7 – A New Music

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A New Music

Translation by Sheng-Ning
Ming-Xing, Los Angeles

From Boring to Magical

Ming-Xing moved with her parents to Los Angeles from Taiwan in 2010. She enrolled in Santiago High School in the town of Corona. Already an accomplished musician, she brought to her new life her love of the guzheng, an exquisite Chinese musical instrument, and began entering competitions in her adopted home.

As far as Ming-Xing could remember, her mother’s health had been weak and she often fell ill. In February 2012, her mother suddenly developed ear pain and tinnitus. Having suffered from severe insomnia for more than a month, she decided to visit Los Angeles Bodhi Meditation Center after reading about it in Meditation & Health magazine. Following a healing session conducted by the center’s master, Ming-Xing’s mother immediately felt extreme relief and comfort. That night, she finally slept well. Ming-Xing felt her mother had experienced something quite miraculous.

Subsequently, her mother registered for a Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat in March. Ming-Xing decided to accompany her to the retreat, though not without a degree of reluctance. “At my age, my friends are dating, having fun shopping and just hanging out, and playing sports. I wondered who on Earth would rather sit around and meditate instead!”

However, despite enjoying time with friends, Ming-Xing was not without stress. Her school workload was intense, and spending long hours sitting in the classroom and at home studying caused chronic pain in her back and shoulders. She had developed insomnia as well, which left her unable to concentrate during the day and thus struggling to keep up with her schoolwork. So even though meditating didn’t seem like the most interesting thing in the world, it had brought her mother tremendous health benefits and this gave Ming-Xing the impetus to give it a try.

Initially, practicing The Meditation of Greater Illumination for half an hour seemed to leave her rather tired. But she stuck with it, and after a few days she noticed a sudden positive change. “My shoulders had relaxed and the backache was gone,” she said. “I had a new feeling of lightness.” What had at first seemed like a healthful but somewhat boring venture took on a sense of magic and wonder. With her chronic pain resolved, Ming-Xing embraced school with new energy, and her SAT results improved by 300 points.

A Pillar of Support

In April 2012, Ming-Xing’s mother joined a Second Level Bodhi Meditation Retreat. Since Ming-Xing had to go to school, she was only able to join the special Discipleship Initiation Ceremony on the first day. She was struck by Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion, and as she listened to his teaching a new feeling of security welled up, a sense of being supported by a pillar of strength.“It was awesome. I hadn’t expected anything, but this feeling of security clearly emerged in me.”

Now totally captivated by the power of the Bodhi path, Ming-Xing joined a Second Level Retreat in September 2012 and a Third Level Retreat in Vancouver at the end of that year. Her retreat experiences cultivated her ability to heal others by using energy and gave her a go-with-the-flow perspective on life. Ming-Xing has since practiced Bodhi Meditation daily. She added prostration to the mix, which helped her shed more than 10 pounds and deepened her sense of peace.

Spreading Peace

Ming-Xing has studied the guzheng since the age of 10, and always placed within the top three at guzheng competitions in Taiwan. In California, she placed first in the strings section of an international musical competition. Prior to practicing Bodhi Meditation, she had always piled pressure on herself to excel at her instrument of choice. But by accessing her inner true self, she learned to let go of rigid expectations. These days, Ming-Xing no longer plays the guzheng in competitions, preferring to play purely for the enjoyment of others. She has also started giving performances at seniors’ care homes and for children, which has kindled a new kind of artistic joy that’s beyond words.

In addition, Ming-Xing joined the Bodhi Meditation L.A. Youth Leader Group, participating in activities such as leading children in meditation, crafts and other activities. Bodhi’s Youth Group emphasizes community outreach and leadership development, providing a safe haven for young people.

For Ming-Xing, Los Angeles Center is no longer just a simple place for meditation, but is more like a home, a place of warmth and happiness. “Bodhi Meditation has brought an amazing light to my life,” she said. “By learning from Grandmaster JinBodhi’s compassion and wisdom, I hope to help as many people as possible.”

Meditation & Health #7 Contents