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        In the summer of 2011, my husband and I traveled across Canada, heading eastward from the West Coast. During the fourteen-day road trip, Nature’s diverse and ever-shifting beauty unfolded continuously before me. I sat by lakes, sharing their soothing calmness. I gazed at snow-capped mountains, awed by their strength. I walked in forests, enjoying the riches hidden in their cool depths. I relaxed in hot springs, releasing the fatigue of travel. I picked prairie wheat, tasting the flavor of harvest. I watched the sun descend beneath the horizon, experiencing oneness with Universe. I cried at the sight of Niagara Falls, moved by their thundering power…

        As we journeyed across the country, I felt the energy of Nature and the Universe: soothing, uplifting, inspiring, loving, and powerful. And the core of all of these – compassion. Compassion is Universal love, manifested in all manner of forms, places and beings. Compassion is energy, a high-vibrational energy encompassing all expressions of life. In this issue of Bodhi Meditation, people from all over the world share their stories of rapid recovery from illness, of miraculous healing born of compassion.

        In his trademark warm and accessible style, Grandmaster JinBodhi teaches what compassion is and how to cultivate a compassionate heart, which transcends religious boundaries and cultural differences, and is of value to people the world over. It isn’t necessary to travel from coast to coast to realize the power of compassion; rather, when you look closely at the inner workings of everything, you’ll discover it. Compassion is pervasive and yet can be hidden; but even when it seems invisible it is present in your heart. When you come fully into the Now, compassion is awakened.

        What is the essence of awakened compassion? Rita George in San Francisco, William Tseng in the Silicon Valley and Sima Abelev in Vancouver share their stories of compassion realized, and how it is manifesting on their paths of spiritual growth. Come to your local Bodhi Centers to meet them in person, and join in the classes they instruct – all have much wisdom and experience to impart.

        Bodhi Meditation wishes everyone health and happiness. Read on to acquire simple yet effective skills to help you achieve optimum wellbeing. Wave goodbye to the excess pounds so common to today’s stressful lifestyle. Healthy living is within your reach.



Meditation & Health No 2 - Table of Contents