Meditation & Health #10-Insight


Meditation & Health No 10 - Table of Contents





    The journey of the soul is a collection of Nows, a journey that is ever moving but always still.

    In this issue of Meditation & Health, we touch upon Ideas about the journey of the soul or consciousness through time and space, exploring the enduring concept of reincarnation and its prevalence in spiritual thought around the world and through the ages. We also journey to the age of the Mesoamerican pyramids, which continue to stand in testament to the extraordinary cultures that created them. And we return to the present examining the emotional travels undertaken by women over the course of their lives, and how best to nurture feminine emotional wetness. The focus of our scientific lens is aromatherapy, an ancient healing art that has found its place in the modern world — yet another example of wisdom that endures through the cycles of time.
   Through all of life’s cycles and travels, Grandmaster JinBodhi’s voice grounds us in practical wisdom. reminding us of the Importance of approaching spiritual practice and, indeed, all of life with deep sincerity. A sincere heart connects us with the Divine consciousness of the Universe and of ourselves—which are, after all, one and the same. “Sincerity is the way to Heaven; wrote ancient Chinese philosopher Mencius. And Heaven con be right here, right now.

    May Bodhi Meditation illuminate all your journeys with Divine light
  Melia McClure



Meditation & Health No 10 - Table of Contents