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Inergy An Interview With Dr. Lee Pulos

        By Dr. Lee Pulos

        Dan Leblanc discusses energy and visualization with quantum physicist Dr. Lee Pulos


How did your journey into energy work begin?


        I was a skeptic until I witnessed energy healing for myself. That’s when the crack in my consciousness egg broke and I said, “Oh my God.” I then spent 20 years investigating healing energy around the world. I think North America is a very left-brained, medically oriented culture that doesn’t think in terms of spirituality. Most of the healers I met claim they have energies moving through them. They are just the tools, the conduit.


Explain how energy works.


         It is inergy, not energy. It’s an intelligent energy. Everything is energy and energy is information in motion. And everything is information in motion. There are different spectrums of energy – auditory energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy, and so forth. Energy has many different languages. It has many names. Some call it spirit. Most people – 99 percent – can’t see it. But a few people have. A young girl who came to see me with her mom said, “Mom, the room is full of rainbow-like sparkles.” Energy is everywhere. It is a lifeforce that keeps us alive.  


Can energy heal us?


         When it comes to healing, I look at two things. One: Every symptom has an emotion. Two: Every symptom has a message for your body to make a change if you want to heal. Healing involves emotion and change. When you have a symptom, there’s an emotion that goes with the symptom. What is the message? What do you need to change in your life?

         Change and healing are about emotions that you are not allowing into your life, dealing with, or processing. For more than 30 years I have done cancer counseling. At the end of every first session with a new patient I always ask, “Why do you have cancer?” Rarely have I ever heard them answer with the two words: anger and stress. For example, with kidney problems the emotion is usually fear. And so on and so on. Everything at the quantum level vibrates. Nothing is static. Healing, which has an intention of love, helps a person change the negative vibrations that are ratcheting down the body and creating symptoms.


How is energy affected by meditation?


         Herbert Benson is a cardiologist at Harvard who has done extensive research on meditation and wrote a book called The Relaxation Response, advocating meditation. As you clear all the clutter from your mind you move your mind into a more healing, relaxing resonance. During meditation, my whole body goes into a trance and it’s the most profound healing relaxation. No stress and no worries and no nothing.

          A Harvard University study published in 2008 found the first compelling evidence that the Relaxation Response (RR) – the physiological response to meditation – affects our genes. The study found that meditation – short or long term – causes hundreds of genes to turn on or off. Many of the genes involve the body’s response to mental and emotional stress. The scientists proposed that meditation may counteract cellular damage due to stress.



        People have meditated for years and enjoyed better health (and a slower aging process) but many others have been skeptical as to its benefits. Now we have solid scientific proof of the positive genetic effects of meditation in that it affects genes that positively influence cell metabolism and the response to stress.


How does energy react to our thoughts?


         Dr. Carl Simonton was an oncologist who began utilizing visualization in the treatment of cancer more than 40 years ago. He would teach mental imagery to cancer patients – a 14-year-old boy with terminal leukemia went into his bloodstream dressed like the Lone Ranger, all in white, and every time he saw a leukocyte he’d pull out his six shooters and kill the leukocyte and haul away the dead leukocytes. Every single competitor in the Olympics uses visualization. As a sports psychologist, I worked for years with the Canadian ski team and the volleyball team. They all used visualization. I once did a seminar with the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. When I talked about visualization Messier said, “Hey Gretz, tell Lee about the second goal in the second playoff game with Calgary.” He had memorized every play. He’d used visualization since he was nine. Tiger Woods started visualizing when he was nine. So the history of thought and achievement is really the history of visualization. The idea is to clear the mind of thoughts so you can move into a deeper octave of consciousness which is much more relaxing and is where spontaneous healing takes place without the clutter and the “yamamama.”


We call it monkey mind.


         Same thing. We self-talk at 150 to 300 words per minute, 45,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day. I call it drugging your mind with bad hypnosis or good hypnosis. Most people drug their minds with bad hypnosis. The subconscious treats every thought like a prayer. So what are you praying for? You always get what you want, which may not be what you are asking for.

          One of the many “jobs” of the subconscious is to maintain consistency or homeostasis between what has been programmed into our “belief bank” and our reality. So every area of your life – physical, emotional, relationships, work and health – is a printout of your beliefs. So I come back to the statement about how you always get what you want which may not be what you ask for. I had a young bright woman in my office who said, “I want a loving relationship. I want a guy who will treat me respectfully and love me.” But all she gets are a series of failed relationships with untrustworthy men.  On many occasions, I have heard her say, “All men will cheat – you can’t trust them.”  That’s her belief. Of course, you can imagine what kind of men she subconsciously attracts into her life to support her belief – and that of her mother who married a man who constantly cheated on her.


How do you change that?


           Change your beliefs; change your value.


How easy is it to change your beliefs when they are embedded like that?


          It takes about three weeks. Think of an ocean liner that takes 10 miles to maneuver a turn. There are over 400 therapies in the world and every one of them works with belief change. So if you have an area in your life that isn’t working, what’s the belief that’s creating that printout? It’s really simple stuff. The ability to perform effectively is profoundly affected by such beliefs as:  “I am competent; I am powerful; I am happy; I am healthy; I am confident; I am compassionate; I am worthy of love.”


Can people change their belief system just by practicing meditation?


          Meditation is one way to change beliefs.


Is there some way we can break the pattern for the next generation?


         Unfortunately, we recreate the love story we grew up with. We replicate it.




How does Nature emit energy?


       Everything has energized awareness. Everything. I was just reading about how colonies of bacteria are like colonies of monkeys. They have energized awareness. They communicate. They work in pairs, as groups. There’s no central nervous system in bacteria. They are just blobs. Everything has energized awareness. Even plants. In 1966, Cleve Backster hooked up plants to electrodes and the plants showed readings similar to humans. He would think of burning a plant and it would go crazy and then he’d send love to a plant and the electrons  would change completely. Even electrons have energized awareness. If you take two electrons that have been paired with a nucleus of matter and separate them by 20 billion light years and then change the polarity of one faster than the speed of light, it will change the polarity of the complementary one. Everything is interconnected.


There seems to be a disconnect between people and energy. People’s lives are a mess, they are suffering, they blame, they do anything to self-medicate. How did we lose touch with the fact that this energy is available for everybody?


       Ninety-nine percent of people don’t know about energy. Ninety-nine percent of people don’t know what you are talking about and don’t care.  Everything is energy. Everything has energized awareness. Every molecule, every electron, every prion, even this chair has energized awareness. So, in other words, nothing in the Universe is dead; everything has varying degrees of awareness.

       Physicist Sir James Jean often stated, “The Universe is simply a giant thought.” That is, in the quantum domain there is a subtle, fundamental field of energy and information – or energized awareness – that interconnects all things. In addition, everything in the Universe and our world is in constant vibration and with intention and mental alchemy, one can create and transmute the subtle energy to attract a desired outcome or goal.

       However, simply thinking about abundance or attracting a loving relationship and believing you will attract it is not sufficient in most cases. One must look back and utilize the ancient teachings of meditation, invocation, alchemy, along with the practices of other spiritual traditions, to chart the navigation to your goals.


How can chanting heal us?


         Well, what’s going to raise your consciousness higher than chanting in greater optimal resonance for health and wellbeing? Everything has to do with resonance. My knee lost its song of health and is singing sour notes. So if someone with healing powers raises the vibratory rate of the dissonance in my knee, that’s what healing is about. 

          If something isn’t working out for a patient, I ask, “What is the lesson you need to learn?”  We are living our lives – past, present, and future – simultaneously, but our focus is on this lifetime.  We create our own reality and for me, today, life is good.

          Lee Pulos, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He served on the Clinical Faculty, Dept. of Psychiatry UBC, for over 25 years and is the author of Beyond Hypnosis, Miracles and Other Realities, and bestselling audio programs including The Power of Visualization.



Meditation & Health No 12 - Table of Contents