Meditation & Health #13-Energy Bagua: The Pathway to a Healthy Body and Mind

Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents



Energy Bagua:

The Pathway to a Healthy Body and Mind


           Energy Bagua is a very unique practice designed specially to benefit unhealthy people. There are many ways to exercise, such as running, playing ball and practicing kung fu, which are high-Impact activities; milder forms of exercise may not be that effective. Of course, Tai Chi is very beneficial to health. Somehow I missed the chance to learn tai chi during my childhood because I didn’t meet a good master, and the good r masters didn’t meet me. Fortunately, I met good master of Energy Bagua.


Dangers of Certain Martial Arts


          Besides being a bodyguard, my master’s first master also taught students. My master’s master practiced a Shaolln mark)l art, not Energy Saguo. Performing martial arts was a necessary part of Paining for war. A practitioner can break a stone with his bore hands or smash a stone tablet with his head. No ordinary person could break bricks and stones with bare hands. Today, mortal arts are often used as entertainment in order for performers to make a living. which may be Its Saddest application. My master’s master was well versed in kung fu. Al performances. audiences wanted to see something beyond human power. After my masters master broke a two-inch-thick stone slab with his head, people asked, `Can you add one more?’ So he had to consume extreme energy and hurt himself. He died at age 36 because of dealing with such explosive energy. Later on, I thought about Bruce Lee, the most famous Chinese actor, who also died in his 30s. I think his death was also related to explosive energy.



          My master originally learned those explosive techniques but later ran from them. He was o wise man. He thought that those methods must not be correct since his master died at such an early age. Of course it was proven later that such performance is harmful to the body. My master thought he should find another teacher. He realized that he would never learn this kind of kung fu because it is harmful for the body, used to kill others, and may cause a practitioner’s own death. Perhaps fate brought him to a Taoist. He learned Energy Bagua, an internal martial art, from this Taoist. My master was really good at it. He practiced for decades. He was in his 706 when he taught me. I don’t know if he had other apprentices before me. To the best of my knowledge, I was the only one at that time.


Energy Bagua Manifestation of Energy


        This method Is very good for health. Unlike sporty kung fu or exercises that make you perspire quickly, this one allows the sweat to be excreted slowly. Sometimes you won’t even sweat. In cold weather. it would take a lot Of practice for one to sweat. When I was on the Tibetan Plateau, I walked Energy Begun in winter when the temperature was -15 degrees Celsius. I was in my teens. I walked Energy Bagua wearing only a tank top. I was too hot if I wore a jacket. This is the manifestation of energy. At first I felt cold. But after I walked for a while, my body was hot.

        Energy Bagua is truly beneficial to health. I am a beneficiary. I think it’s wonderful that I can pass it on to you. I saw that many illnesses couldn’t be cured by many of the meditation methods that focus on calmness and purification. To speed up recovery. I started to teach this method. For true recovery of the body, we will need to practice one to a maximum of two hours per day for 108 days. It Is best to practice at the same time every day, preferably in the morning. According to the theories of Universal energy, energy rises when the sun rises, and this abundant energy is helpful to our health. We practice to acquire wisdom and a good life, to be able to face the worries and sorrows in life, to be stronger and more at ease.



Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents