Meditation & Health #13-Gathering of a Thousand Energy Bagua Practitioners

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Gathering of a Thousand

Energy Bagua Practitioners

                                                 By Kami Han and Yuan Man


        Malaysian Energy Bagua practitioners came together on April 1, 2015.

        About 1,500 Energy Bagua students gathered to practice and share the experiences and benefits generated by this amazing walking-meditation method.The founder of Bodhi Meditation and teacher of Energy Bagua, Grandmaster JinBodhi, was present to demonstrate and gave a profound lecture on this practice.

        Grandmaster JinBodhi said that the key purpose of the practice is to cultivate the mind and thereby strengthen the physical body. The movements seem to be simple, but the vital energy they bring to the body is immense. The practice is known to improve chronically cold hands and feet, a condition which is symptomatic of cold energy in the body. Grandmaster JinBodhi learned Energy Bagua at a very young age from his teacher, Grandmaster Ren, in an effort to bolster his frail health. Having benefited from it he has gone on to teach and promote this practice to those in need.


         Grandmaster JinBodhi said that there is a cancer gene in every one of us, though it is not necessarily active. Grandmaster Ren once told him that there is a “switch” located at the inner thigh area which turns on the cancer gene. However, when we bend our legs slightly during Energy Bagua practice, we strengthen the energy in the thighs and keep this switch off. Thus, consistent practice can reduce our cancer risk.

          Grandmaster JinBodhi’s sense of humor captured the practitioners’ attention and drew laughter throughout the hall. Of Energy Bagua, he said: “Energy Bagua symbolizes Heaven. While we walk in one direction, we are following the Way of Heaven. After eight rounds, we walk in the opposite direction. And we keep changing direction back and forth eight times. According to the theory of interrelated ebb and flow, this practice helps to dissolve Illness.”

         When Grandmaster JinBodhi asked how many had benefited from Energy Bagua, about 80 percent of attendees raised their hands and resounded with the affirmative. Many of the practitioners had experienced miraculous benefits and took to the stage to share their happiness and experiences with the audience. They encouraged more people to be persistent in their practice.

        The students, looking forward to meeting Grandmaster JinBodhi at the next and fourth Gathering of a Thousand Energy Bagua Practitioners, committed to practicing daily for 108 days.