Meditation & Health #13-Feng Shui: The Color of Joy

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Feng Shui: The Color of Joy

                                      By Ariene Kroeker


          The origins of feng shui in China can be traced back more than 4,000 years, but its roots extend further back to the earliest tribal healers. Throughout the ages, the purpose of feng shui has remained essentially the some: to create environments that support wellbeing and prosperity. Feng shui translates literally to “wind-water.” The ancient Chinese saw the Earth as a living and breathing entity. They observed the cycles of life, began to understand the power of Nature, and honed skills to activate and direct the flow of energy.

           Color is one of the most powerful tools used in feng shui. Each color vibrates its own unique frequency and expresses a particular energy. Color can enhance the energy in a room. While color selection is a personal matter, it can be a determining factor of whether an environment evokes calm or stimulation, happiness or depression, comfort or discomfort. Color affects moods, behavior and physical reactions.

           According to feng shui, the color orange represents the element of fire. Use a small amount of orange in the center of your home, as fire energy nourishes this area.

           Orange is considered a “social” color as the feng shui energy stimulates conversations. Use this color on a wall or through accessories in the dining room. Orange energy inspires creativity, curiosity, happiness and enthusiasm, so apply a small amount to create playful, lively energy in a child’s play area or a studio. People who like the color orange ore usually thoughtful and sincere.

           Outside the home, wear an orange scarf or orange jewelry in public to set an approachable, communicative energy. If you need orange energy, eat an orange, mango, carrot, butternut squash or sweet potatoes. Wrap yourself in an orange blanket if you are recovering from surgery, illness or on accident. If you feel like you’ve run out of ideas or can no longer concentrate, surround yourself with orange flowers such as daylilies, roses, tulips or gerberas for a lift.

           Look to Nature when choosing shades of orange, from the deep orange of winter fires to the splendid orange tones of autumn leaves, from the warmth of the desert sun to a summer sunset. The earthy tones of orange will strengthen your appetite for life and give you a sense of purpose.



Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents