Meditation & Health #13-Sakyamuni Buddha Stone Statue

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Sakyamuni Buddha Stone Statue


     Seated in full-lotus posture on the throne, Sakyamuni Buddha exudes wisdom and serenity with both hands close to the chest in a mudra that depicts the turning of the dharma wheel. This beautiful stone sculpture of Buddha is of Indian aesthetic and shows the following unique characteristics: There is a wheel behind the Buddha’s back to symbolize the aura’s far-reaching emanation; the tresses of wavy hair are coiled into a knot like a crown of flowers; the ears are long like lotus petals; the round face is flawless and radiant; and there is an urna curl between the eyebrows.

     The Buddha is in a deep state of peace and calmness with his eyes slightly closed and his full lips pursed into a gentle and compassionate smile. He sits in an elegant posture, his robe gently twisted and draped over the left arm and body and the right shoulder and arm exposed.

     This statue of Sakyamuni Buddha is sacred. Through reverential observation of this Buddha, you may cultivate a greater sense of ease and peace.



Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents