Meditation & Health #13-An Everlasting Beacon

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An Everlasting Beacon

                                                By Lichang Tan, New York


A Helpless, Drifting Boat


    Forty years ago I fell off a bus and hurt my back. Since then I experienced excruciating pain in my back. Sometimes the pain would spread to my arms and legs. At severe times, I couldn’t hold a spoon or chopsticks. As well, 35 years ago, when giving birth, my pelvic and lumbar bones were severely injured and since then lower back pain bothered me constantly. Adding to my woes, 17 years ago, a hysterectomy injured my bladder causing urinary obstruction and hormone imbalance which induced insomnia. I wept every day and was irritable and hot-tempered. Once, my insomnia left me sleepless for two weeks. Sleeping pills were useless as they caused dizziness, headaches, exhaustion in mind and body, and more depression. Besides all these afflictions, there was flatulence and rheumatic arthritis.

    These ailments brought me to the brink of collapse. I tried Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western medicine, but nothing worked. A huge amount of money was spent for treatment, but I didn’t receive any improvement.


For years, I was afflicted with illnesses that had no cure. My life was like a drifting boat on the sea of suffering. I was lonely and helpless. However, through Bodhi Meditation I was free of the ailments within six months.


Hope Out of Despair

    On February 1, 2014, upon the recommendation of a friend, I participated in the Spring Festival Blessing Ceremony. Here, I felt the blessing of energy, Since then I have been fascinated by the wonder and miracle of meditation. I began meditating three hours a day. After a month, my insomnia improved and I could sleep for more than four hours. Flatulence disappeared completely, excretory function returned to normal, joint inflammation subsided and 60 to 70 percent of my pain disappeared.

    On April 12, 2014, I joined an 8.5-Day Health & Happiness Retreat. During the retreat, miracles happened to me one after another. First, the lumbar pain that had bothered me for 35 years was cured completely. In the past, because of the pain, I dared not use force while doing household chores, but now I can move my lower back at will. Also, insomnia does not bother me anymore and I now fall asleep easily. As well, every morning I get up very early to meditate after only five or six hours of sleep, but I feel clear and energetic during the day. In the post, because of fatigue and weakness, I often caught colds and would cough for up to a month. After starting a meditation practice, I haven’t caught a cold or cough.

    When I started Energy Bagua, I was tired, yet full of confidence, so I continued. Soon afterwards, my back pain was completely gone. The energy and blood circulation started moving through my hands and limbs. I felt warm and spry, something I had never experienced before.


A Beacon Lights My Path


    Since I began meditation, my family’s greatest joy is that my depression is completely gone. A hormone imbalance caused me grief and sadness. I was sensitive like a tinderbox and easily broke down over trivial things. The physical pain and discomfort brought me to such a low point that I thought of committing suicide several times. After meditating and hearing Grandmaster JinBodhi’s teachings, my past grievances gradually melted away. When I think of how my family cared for and tolerated me for so many years, I am full of gratitude and feel enveloped by love and happiness.

    Bodhi Meditation is like a brilliant beacon that lit up my life’s path during a helpless, lonely time and guided me to health and happiness. Now, full of gratitude, I have joined the team of volunteers in the Bodhi Meditation Center. I also introduce Bodhi Meditation to my friends and relatives in the hope that they will overcome their ailments and gain a life of everlasting health and happiness.



Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents