Meditation & Health #13-Power of Volunteering

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Power of Volunteering


          Meet volunteers from Bodhi Meditation Centers around the world. Bodhi Meditation, founded by spiritual leader Grandmaster JinBodhi, is a place of meditation, learning and spreading of health and happiness for life. You are welcome to Join us.



        One of the reasons I volunteer is because I’m a volunteer by nature. I naturally like people and am accepting of different cultures and beliefs. Hike to help others in the compassionate, safe environment of the Bodhi Center.

        One of the benefits for me is the satisfaction that I’m filling a need. In my We, I have always volunteered and even started 11 volunteer organizations in 13 years because a need existed. I was introduced to Bodhi Meditation at a wellness show and I stayed because of the miracles.

        One thing I’ve learned through volunteering is that I have more potential to give and learn. The need is bigger than ever to share our experiences. Life is challenging for many people. I give what I can, when I can. I have done many things in my fife so I can do anything from labor to leadership. I like to be plugged in wherever I’m needed.

        Through volunteering I have met very interesting, caring people and I have learned the compassionate manner of the Bodhi teachers.

        One of the ways I have impacted the community is by listening to many people share their stories.

       Three things I’m grateful for are:

        I. My health.

       2. My journey to self-actualization

       3. The meditation tools provided by Grandmaster JinBodhi.

        One thing I am inspired by is the ability of the volunteers and practitioners lo believe in others and empower them. I’m also inspired by watching other people experience miracles in their lives.

       Right now, one of my goals in life is -o complete my Bodhi teacher training, continue my dharma training, to love and be loved, and to be blessed with good health.



        One of the reasons I volunteer is because I get so much out of Bodhi Meditation that I want to give bock. I enjoy being at the center. I always feel welcome and appreciated. I do it willingly, not from an obligation. Volunteering is not a chore. I’ve noticed that the other volunteers feel the same way.

        One of the benefits for me is that I know I am doing something for others.

        One thing I’ve learned through volunteering is that it feels good to think of others rather than myself. Even when cleaning at the center, everyone is happy because It Is an extension of home.

        Through volunteering I have met some amazing people who I now consider friends. Everyone I’ve met at the center has a good story to tell.

        One of the ways I have Impacted the community Is that as a healer I feel I have helped others with their health problems. I also set up the new website for Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center. The site gives easy access and Information to anyone who wants to find health and happiness.

        3 things I’m grateful for are:

        1. Grandmaster JinBodhi

        2. The Meditation of Greater illumination: The key to everything is energy.

        3. Something that a teacher said: “There’s always a better way. even If you think you are an expert.”

       One thing I am Inspired by is Grandmaster JinBodhi’s mission to end suffering for humanity. I also have so much respect for all the volunteers. No one has an agenda They all like doing whatever they can to make a better world.

       Right now, one of my goals in life is to be happy and spread happiness if I’m happy, others are too. Happiness is contagious.



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Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents