Meditation & Health #13-Grandmaster JinBodhiTells a Story: Fathers Love

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Grandmaster JinBodhiTells a Story: Fathers Love


        Once upon a lime there was a wolf-couple. They had seven pups. Winter arrived when the pups were still dependent on their parents. Snow covered the mountains. The father-wolf faced difficulty in hunting for food and the mother-wolf had no milk for her pups. They were wonted that they would all starve to death.

        The smart father-wolf remembered that the formers living In the foothills kept chickens. Fervently wanting to feed his hungry pups, he decided to steal a chicken and headed down to the farms.

        Of course the alert farmers had already set naps to prevent animals from stealing their livestock. As the father-wolf paced in front of the farmhouses, he knew that this was not on easy mission. After observing the farms for a long while and thinking of his starving pups, the father-wolf finally gathered the courage to take the risk. He wisely decided to steal from the farm that seemed to have the least amount of traps.

       The father-wolf boldly stole into the chicken coop, snatched a chicken, and was ready to run when the other chickens started squawking and woke the farmer. The farmer grabbed his rifle and fired a shot. The frightened father-wolf made a dash to escape. In his panic, he forgot to ovoid the traps. The big claw of a trap snapped around his hind leg.



         Focused solely on feeding his starving pups, the father-wolf struggled until he ripped his leg free. Injured and limping, he continued to head for home with the chicken firmly held in his mouth. His only Thought was to get the food home to feed his hungry pups.

        He bled to death in the snow a hundred feet from the farmer’s house. when the farmer saw the dead wolf, the animal was still gripping the chicken, and the torn upper thigh had left a trail of blood all the way from the chicken coop. The farmer was moved by wolf’s facrifice In the silence that followed the teas rated clown the farmers face.



Meditation & Health No 13 - Table of Contents