Meditation & Health #16-EDITOR’S WORDS


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         “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree,”wrote the great English novelist and poet Emily Bronte.

          Rather than the exuberance of spring and summer, the passage from autumn to winter is a time to journey within, where bliss resides. To tune into your heart. To express gratitude for the year’s journey thus far. 

          In the Northern Hemisphere, as winter approaches, we may choose to light our inner fires of creativity and spirituality, to become bright beacons in the coming season of contemplative darkness.

          No matter where you live, the time to nurture yourself and those around you is now. It is time to be present, to marry the miracle of life in the physical world with the higher consciousness that comes from a world beyond. This consciousness can be accessed through Grandmaster JinBodhi’s wisdom; here, he guides readers on transforming one’s fate through virtuous deeds, meditation, and showing gratitude.

          In this issue, we range from physical-health articles on topics such as diabetes and the issues posed by industrially raised chicken, to more ethereal explorations of the healing power of crystals and the exquisite beauty and deep messages of Japanese Zen gardens.

          Contained within these pages is sincere gratitude for you, our readers, our source of inspiration. Remember that gratitude is seasonless. To give with a grateful heart is a gift to the world, and a gift to oneself beyond measure.


                                                                                                                        Melia McClure




Meditation & Health No 16 - Table of Contents